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bit of hand holding required....

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RagingDull Fri 14-Sep-12 22:22:26

DS (he has AS, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia) finds out the results of his foundation degree tomorrow and everything rests on them.....

he is due to start uni again on Monday if he has passed.......he is so nervous and its making me nervous.

if he has failed thats it. its game over. 2 years wasted and lots of money.
if he has passed he goes to uni to do the third year and get a Bsc degree.

please please please send positive vibes.....

RagingDull Fri 14-Sep-12 22:57:02

and i have a fucking cold.....sad

if he passes i have heaps to do tomorrow.....
if he doesnt i shall cry. lots.

RagingDull Fri 14-Sep-12 23:57:05

no one about?

ah well. This board doesnt get much traffic does it? i shall hold my own hand then and stay in bed until noon which is when he finds out.

i have a large order reserved at not going to think about it until noon.

i might even stay in pjs all morning so as not to tempt fate.....
id rather rush to argos devoid of make up than cry my mascara all over my face i think.

everythings crossed. fingers. toes. eyes.
i realise i am talking to my self but its helping anyway.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sat 15-Sep-12 13:48:22

Hi Raging. This is a very quiet board, better on SN children whatever the age if your 'child!'

Really hope it went well yesterday.

RagingDull Sat 15-Sep-12 14:05:20

just got his results at 12 noon. he passed grin
we are moving him to uni today.....mixed emotions but so proud of him!

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sat 15-Sep-12 17:18:25

That's fabulous! Gives me hope for my 12 yo with ASD. smile Thanks for sharing.

SheelaNeGoldGig Sat 15-Sep-12 17:28:29

Hurrah! Well done! wine

RagingDull Sat 15-Sep-12 21:47:12

thank you! just got home and am shattered!!! but he has his own little studio flat, top floor, with other 3rd years so nice and quiet - and is happy as happy can be as a happy thing!

and i am so proud. he aced his results. now he just has his 3rd year to do to get his Bsc degree - he is now talking about doing a Masters!

today has been uber expensive! advance rent, deposit, booking fee, all his equipment, bedding, kettle etc etc and a weeks shopping plus some spending money.....i darent add it up! so if he wants to do a masters he had better get saving!

i am relaxing now with a wine
we are going back tomorrow to make sure he is ok and take him out for dinner.....then he will be left to it for a week!

he has already phoned to say he left his phone in the car {doh!!} but he knew i would worry so phoned home - and he has met a few people from the flat below and is going for a few drinks - he knows one of them from his course last year.

he promises he wont get drunk!!!

alison222 Mon 17-Sep-12 10:28:38

Just saw this and wanted to add my congratulations for your DS.
As ellenjane said, it gives me hope for my AS 11 year old.

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