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just here for a little <screeeeeeaaaammmmmm>

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lionheart Sat 22-Sep-12 20:23:11

Sounds stressful indeed. Can you contact the Educational Support Office for help? (And to set the accommadation manager straight).

RagingDull Tue 04-Sep-12 22:31:28

been here before but now namechanged.

having a little flap about university accommodation. just a little flap. just need to let of a little steam.

accommodation manager was making some rather disablist noises - now got 2 options for DS to look at (after much wrangling)
told them i could take DS on Monday or Weds.
rang monday - nothing to report and nothing organised
they emailed at almost 6pm last night to say they would prefer me to go tuesday (today)
i had medical appointments for myself today and didnt even get the email so
that leaves tomorrow.
And he hasnt had official confirmation of his pass yet....we know he has passed but its not official so its all feeling horribly frantic and rushed and just quite shit really......

<and breathe......>

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