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veral processing

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Sarahsmith76 Fri 21-Sep-12 12:32:28

Try googling Auditory Processing Disorder smile
Sounds similar to the verbal processing you are describing smile

bullrush Wed 08-Aug-12 22:15:00

our daughter 9 has been on an iep since she was 7, she has since been tested twice by the ed psyh for dyslexia and has also had an overal intel test,
he has said she does not have dyslexia but her verbal processing is poor and her memory is poor as well, her overal intel is below average,
I worry about her speech as it is delayed when answering question etc... he has suggested a dictaphone and note taking etc... and with regards to her spelling he said she simply cant and thats not really an issue thats just her,
does anybody have any experience or guidance on verbal processing, each time i google it brings up dyselxia,
kind regards

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