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4 months worth of funding been given to school, but should it run over summer holidays?

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Alwaysme123 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:10:13

my sons school has been successful in getting 4mnths funding for 1-1 in the classroom. hooray!!!
however when i met with the senco at parents evening she wasnt sure if ran july august sept october or july sept october november...
i couldnt believe that the LEA would run it over the holidays because why give the school money for him when he wasnt there does seem strange to me..
please does anyone know about this.. feel as if the school might be using the funding for something other than my son.....
I do have a PSP meeting tomorrow so i am going to be bringing this up but would like some ammo....

alison222 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:38:43

Well, if its for funding in the classroom and your DS is not in the classroom surely they are misusing the funds? - or am I misreading something.
To me that is abundantly clear.

TheLightPassenger Sun 15-Jul-12 22:43:40

to me it sounds more sensible given it's end of school year to use it for first term of next school year, and not even start eating into yet.

Alwaysme123 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:57:06

yes it would be more sensible to start it frm the begining of next term as he will have the move frm infants to juniors a big enough leap for any child... I didnt have any say in when it started just told it had started....
i have asked them for transparency in the past they were getting 25hrs a week for ds in the classroom and i was stil picking him up at lunch time and he was attending a intervention school on a thurs fri.. so he wasnt even gettin the 25hrs there..
the head said that they wouldnt bring too much to the attention of the LEA in case they wanted to claw some money back... in this meeting was also the inclusion officer whom i thought would have said somthing... have made this point to the local parent partnership.... seems they are all so far up each other asses there seems to be no indepent body like they are supposed to be!!!!
how can i make sure ds is getting his allocated hrs?

TheLightPassenger Sun 15-Jul-12 23:13:09

just noticed which board this is on, more people read the main SN:children board than this, so I would repost this over there.

Sounds like school are being v shady about how they use the money sad.

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