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do we get enough support ?

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johnmac1 Wed 11-Jul-12 17:00:58

i am doing my dissertation on parents involvment in education for children with sen and disabilties. i am posting this to see if parents feel they get enough support and how they get that, how they feel they are involved in their childs education.

i am currently reading the proposals of the green paper that will give parents personal budgets to make choices fo thier childs needs and support, any comments on that? have you read it if so what do you think, or have u even heard of it . thank you. i know this is broad im just tring to get a parents perspective on involvment.

thank you ,
shelley x

WetAugust Wed 11-Jul-12 18:06:52

<grabs popcorn and waits for the action to start> grin

NotOnUrNelly Wed 11-Jul-12 22:31:53

I get great support on here - the issue for me is getting appropriate support for my ds - I'm just the conduit or agent trying to make sure t happens - not always succesfully.
I am involved when it suits the school and in the way that is convenient for the school - ths does not include being consulted on IEPs for example - and you learn a bit of psychology - not asking or suggesting stuff directly for example -and just as a teacher starts to realise that what you have been sayng makes sense, they move on to the next one.
I think there are difficulties with parents having the expertise to choose the rght support for their ds's - but you wll see if you hang round on mumsnet that many parents are very well informed - and sometimes indivdual teachers or ta's may be less clued up on particular children's needs
I can't see how you would have missed the new propsals - n fairness they have had coverage in Guardian, Times, BBC and on numerous other forums I use
I have emailed DoE with one of my questons about the new proposals and got a reassuring but not necessarily informative response

I should warn you this is my BRIEF response on this - I could bore for hours on ths topic. I would refer you to the comments on some of the guardan articles about the green paper for interestng coverage.

pl nsert the letter i where appropriate - my keyboard s knackered.

NotOnUrNelly Wed 11-Jul-12 22:33:07

oh Lord Toby Young s on the tele - just sayin

alison222 Thu 12-Jul-12 22:35:51

Not all support needs funds. Some of it simply needs understanding, tolerance and small no cost adjustments to be made for children. Do the schools always get even these no cost things? If you read threads over on SN children you will find that NO THEY DONT.
As for personal budgets - well what can you do if the school don't want to impemlent the stuff you can pay for out of your budget because "They know better", or they employ someone with the wrong sort of personality for your child.
As for all the rest of the comments - there have been plenty of discussions - do a search on green paper and see what pops up.

23balloons Sun 15-Jul-12 22:23:42

My son has recently been diagnosed with a SEN, dyslexia. The school told me he wasn't dyslexic so I had to pay for a private assessment. He would not qualify for a statement or personal budget and so far has received no help at all from the school, despite them promising to do x,y and z. He is in y6 and leaving this week so they obviously knew they could get away with it.

Ds received his end of year report on Friday and his teacher criticised every one of his weaknesses relating to dyslexia eg. completing work within time limits, presenting neatly, following instructions etc. all of which are highlighed as areas of particular difficulty for him and areas he needs support with. I have written a considered response and hope it makes them think when they get it, although more likely they won't care.

My other son is 4 sublevels behind in writing than he is in Maths & reading but he apparently has no problems and is not receiving any support.

It is virtually impossible to get any help in state schools.

Alwaysme123 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:38:25

Alison 222 i totally agree... my son had 2 great TAs who understood him brilliantly, his work improved and all seemed rosey... however now they have got funding they have changed his TA to someone whom he doesnt really like.. their excuse is tht my ds has to realise he cant always have the same TA...
Just letting him be recycling monitor really boosted his confidence, and now he hardly gets to do it..
little things tht cost the school nothing but made my ds life easier..

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