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School 'scared' of disability...

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myBOYSareBONKERS Sun 02-Sep-12 11:25:21

If the school is that awful why would you want him to continue into the senior classes anyway?

madwomanintheattic Tue 19-Jun-12 15:36:35

Sassh, that sounds like a great option for a family that already hate the school and most of the teachers. <sigh>

Sometimes you have to do what's best for your child. A protracted legal complaint under dda would hardly improve the situation.

It might make it slightly easier for any child that follows, but tbh, such schools usually learn from their mistakes and make it impossible for sn children to attend the school in future, by some roundabout method that gets them away from the discrimination hoop.

It's very worthy to take on that sort of thing, but even if you win, you are left with a bunch of teachers that you already hate, and now a school that includes your child under duress.

Sometimes a 'win' is pretty much a lose, after all, especially if there are other options.

Op, why do you want him to attend the senior school when they exclude him routinely?

sashh Tue 19-Jun-12 07:53:12

It's simple, the school is breaking the law. The teacher is also breaking the law. The good thing is your son probably doesn't have a big income so he is entitled to Legal Aid. If not the check your home insurance to see if you have legal cover.

Write to them, say they have and are continuing to act illegally and that if things do not change you will be taking legal action.

Also poin out to them that if theydo something to jeopardise his transfer to senior school that will be another breach of the law.

madwomanintheattic Mon 18-Jun-12 16:19:26

Indie and sn is always complicated. Is there another school that would actually be fully inclusive?

It doesn't sound as though keeping him there for more of the same is something I would be doing myself, particularly if I was paying for the privilege.

Dd2 has cp. Despite her sky high iq, we have never had any enthusiasm from the private sector at all. She walks, talks, but uses a laptop for her fine motor. You would have thought we wanted them to pave the corridors with diamonds, instead of treat her the same as everyone else.napparently even that is too much.

I don' think they are scared of disability. They just be arsed to deal with it. There is an important difference.

alison222 Mon 18-Jun-12 15:59:40

I don't have any experience with independent school but didn't want to read and run.
You may have more replies if you get this moved to the SN children's board

SerenityNOT Mon 18-Jun-12 13:51:10

DS has a medical disability so doesn't come under the usual SEN umbrella. Over the last couple of weeks he's been goaded by his form teacher into saying he didn't want to go on the annual activity week trip. Teacher kept saying things like ...don't think you'll will you manage...if you have to go to hospital it'll cost a fortune...(we know by experience the NHS don't charge for treatment!)
The same teacher kept saying the same things to me. 
Now as DS is the only kid above year 3 left behind they decided to put him with the pre prep which is stupid as DS has low immunity and they have all the typical childhood diseases that go around. They also refused to take him with year 3 on their activity day to an outdoors centre on the basis that 'he won't be able to manage and there's nowhere for him to sit down'
DS has 3 weeks left at the school and the nearer we get to end of term the more they're discriminating against his disability. 
We are too scared to put in an official complaint as we don't want any sort of trouble for him which may lose his place in senior school - although they are aware we're really unhappy as they promised measures to ensure accessibility 5 years ago and then did nothing. He's been left to cope while all those around him thrive. 
I just hate the school now and I hate a large number of the staff. It sounds a little strong but that really is how I feel. It's an independent school so the highest we can go is the governors but we feel like they have us over a barrel with a threat of jeopardising DS's move to senior school. 

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