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Pls recommend a good mainstream Herts school for DS1 with ADHD

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heksie Wed 14-Mar-12 00:01:10

Hi I am really keen To hear from anyone who has a child with Adhd who has had some success at a main stream school in south Herts. I am going to spill all the details so bring a mug of tea....jug of wine.....

He left mainstream voluntarily with Statement etc 2 years ago, very successful time at special needs school since then. Now 8 in year 3. He has caught up with school work and is improving every day with behaviour and emotional control. He left mainstream unable to read and traumatized by their lack of tolerance!

SOOOO, the school review indicates that he has potential to be a rocket scientist, (chest expands with pride!) however he isn't going to get the academic support at his current school. (limitations of peers, teachers etc). So they want to send him back to mainstream!! Wonderful (terrifying) news for us as a family.

So please help, can you recommend a school in Bushey, Elstree, Radlett, St Albans, Shenley, Borehamwood that you KNOW is good with Adhd boys? You can Inbox me if you want to keep this confidential.....

And the reason for the random location.... My landlord told us our contract won't be renewed in June so we're uprooting and moving to Herts!

AND I am 12 weeks PG so it's a triple shock in our house!

Look forward to any useful suggestions..... Thanks

StarlightDicKenzie Thu 22-Mar-12 20:06:53

God almighty! I wouldn't move to Herts.

Is there nowhere else?

tired8and5 Sat 10-May-14 15:01:53

Can I ask did you find a good school?, I have a year 3 who we are probably going to have to move out of mainstream he is not coping in the classroom.

1busybee Mon 27-Oct-14 19:07:55

Just wandered tired8and5 if you found anywhere? We re in a similar situation with ds8 diagnosed with ASD with massive adhd traits!! Live in North herts but just interested to know if there s anywhere at all in herts!!!

fairylightsintheloft Thu 27-Nov-14 20:37:03

sir john lawes in harpenden has a very good rep - but hard to get into catchment area wise

senvet Sat 03-Jan-15 15:57:13

Oh no, not Herts.
Herts LA is one of those LAs who believe that no child needs a statement in mainstream, and fight, often with solicitors, against every stage: refusal to assess, refusal to statement (with notes in lieu running to pages of unmanageable provision), statements so woolly they have to appeal, and then they appeal when they lose....

Try independent schools with bursaries maybe

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