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Deferring Reception Pro's and Con's please

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spiritsam Wed 19-Oct-11 17:55:57

Ok first time of posting in this section please be gentle smile i am thinking ahead my DD does not start until next Sep and i am just starting out on the Statement process but i had someone mention to me about deferring and it had popped up in my mind . DD has s and l delay , learning disabilities , poss a.d.h.d , autistic traits , significant sensory issues , very challenging behaviour . She is just starting to play and interact with children . Whilst she has made some progress it really hit home today looking at a school and seeing Reception children playing on a pc drawing and their conversations e.t.c . I have to be realistic and think how little she may have come on in a years time . Also she is still in pull ups with loose bowel problems . GDD is current dx but she has deletion of chromosome 22 come up on bloods and am guessing dx will change when see Geneticist on Dec 13th . Sorry for going on x

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