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Meeting with Educational Psychologist

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PopupPirate Thu 13-Oct-11 15:05:29

My dd is in yr 1 at a mainstream primary school and has high functioning autism. She is going to be observed by an Educational Psychologist soon and we will have a meeting with them and the SENCO at some point afterwards. I think my daughter should have a statement - she doesn't at the mo. Does anyone have any advice about what to expect from the EP and whether it would be a good idea to ask them if they felt she a statutory assessment would be appropriate? I am quite wary of meeting the EP as have heard some quite worrying experiences from other parents.
Any suggestions/advice greatly appreciated

dundeeheather Thu 13-Oct-11 21:13:52

Hi I have twins boy and a girl who r 4 years old, my boy twin has needs and is going through process at present it takes along time and can be hard to keep up with all the paperwork that goes along with it, never ending repeating over and over, if you have a good senco this will help no end, the thing is that a statement is a legal document and cost money and in some cases a fair amount.
hang on in there and be strong, question your EP and keep track of what is being said ,challenge things, the EP does not hold all the cards you do.
Good luck.

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