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daughter with SEN struggling at school

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Cadmanmummy Thu 13-Oct-11 10:50:29

I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced what I am going through? My daughter has just started school and she has a severe speech disorder which means she is difficult to understand. Some of the other children (even her friend) are being quite mean to her and she is now having trouble sleeping. I feel just so full of despair, I don't know how to help her and I'm scared she is going to stop trying to talk for fear of being teased.

carocaro Thu 13-Oct-11 11:39:38

Have you been in a talked to the teacher about this? There is one child with a speech issue in DS2's reception class (along with a couple with other issues) and the teacher has spoken to them all in a general sense about being kind to one another, what patients is and how to be a good friend, how some children find it easier to speak, run, write, listen etc and not to tease as it is not nice and that we are all different. That might help?

DS1 has dyslexia and is in y5 and his teachers from reception upwards have always spoken to the class about special needs, their is an autistic child and one with speech issues and now they really don't see any issues with it, it's just part and parcel of the classroom and their mates, the listen to the boy with speech issues really well, try and include the autistic on in footy although he does not always want too. With my DS he has reading buddies who help him. Perhaps she could have a desinated buddy in the classroom, someone she knows she can turn too for help if it's all getting a bit much?

So what I trying to say is that the school and the teachers should work better in the classroom with the children about being kind and understanding. I also thinik it's early days in reception yet and they are all getting used to one another and what sort of behavior is acceptable and what isn't. Try and have a coupld of freinds round for tea and cake and a play with their Mum after school too, as this would help build freindships and confidence.

Cadmanmummy Fri 14-Oct-11 09:27:13

That's fantastic, thank you - I will talk to the school and her teacher. I think a general chat to the class is a great idea, plus a 'buddy' for her to turn to in class too. I guess that as she moves up through the school kids will just get used to her and accept her, I suppose it's just this initial period that is really tough. Thank you again for your help!

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