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How much of a PITA to be-any experiences to guide me.

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adelaofblois Sun 09-Oct-11 14:09:55

Sorry for background for those who know but:

DS1 has a speech disorder, consistent with verbal dyspraxia. He saw a SaLT first at two-and-a-half, and has been under NHS care since. Over the last few months his speech has improved dramatically (he also had grommets fitted). He is now at school, and clearly enjoying it. He was placed on Early Years Action by nursery, who were also very concerned about more general interaction problems (which were probably simply caused by an inability to speak). SaLTS were also concerned he was on the spectrum. Paed concluded he wasn't, but wanted his progress monitored so placed him on SA+ when he went to school. Her reasons were he would need continued support with his speech, and she was concerned because he was young, small and good cognitively he would get lost otherwise.

School's SENCO has seen him. Her only feedback is that she doesn't think he should be on SA+, or any other measure, that letters and sounds work will suffice. He is, his teacher says, already one of the best at maths and reading in his class, and so there are no concerns about this progress. We don't think they have spoken to a SaLT, some of their statements are absurd (he is using complex language so it isn't an issue-as if disorder and delay were the same) and feel think we'd have to fight very hard even to get an IEP drawn up.

Question is, should we bother? It'll make us look pushy in ways which might harm our DS in the long run, he is performing well anyway, and he is enjoying being somewhere where he expects to be understood-a new start where speech is less of an issue. BUT he does need help, and surely deserves to get it to achieve all he can, regardless of his ability at present.

Any advice/experiences?

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