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Toe by Toe. Will it help with comprehension?

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VoldemortsNipple Sat 08-Oct-11 13:38:59

DS1 is 12. He has a reading age of 7.10 and spelling age of 9.0.

He has one hour one to one support per week. in the past 12 months, his reading age has not improved at all. I spoke to his teacher who takes him for 1-1 lessons last week as we are really concerned about his progress. She told me, the only reason DS cant read is because he doesnt read enough at home. She also said he is not dyslexic because he had a spelling test in Y7. Apparently there are certain words that every dyslexic spells wrong in the exact same way, and DS got them right. hmm

She soon changed her tune when I told her that DS1 had seen the Ed Phyc at the end of y6 who said he had problems with spatial awareness, and promised a full assessment in Y7, which never happened. This week we had a meeting with the Senco teacher who agreed that DS needed a full assessment and has put him on the waiting list.

I really need him to do more reading at home though. He doesnt like to read. Ive tried all kinds of ways to encourage him. His confidence is really low when it comes to literacy, although he is very confident in most other ways, I dont want to make him feel stupid.

Ive looked at Toe by Toe, and think this is something that could help him, but I dont know how much it would help with comprehension. He seems to fear large pieces of text. He skims over it and loses understanding. Because of this I dont know if Toe by Toe is the best way forward, or should I just sit tight and wait for him to see the Ed Phyc, which could be another 12 months.

honeylamb Sat 08-Oct-11 22:30:39

It's hard to know what's best isn't it! my ds is 8 and is dyslexic, well not had a formal diagnosis but got the nearest thing to a diagnosis from the Ed psych as my local authority doesn't like to 'label' children confused!

Likewise trying to get my son to read at home is so hard. He seems overwhelmed when there is a lot of words to look at. I tried toe by toe with him after it was recommended, but to be honest I struggled to get him to do it. I find it hard enough getting to do his reading books and homework, this on top was just too much. Could the teacher doing 1-1 with him do it? I find that ds is often more compliant with other adults at doing extra work then me.

I have been told Wordshark for the pc is great, though not cheap... have yet to try it!

Hope you get a further assessment and the support he needs, it's a worry isn't it!

VoldemortsNipple Sat 08-Oct-11 23:04:03

DS only has 1-1 in school for an hour per week, so toe by toe would not really be suitable there. I don't mind doing it at home and I'm confident DS would comply. He'd probably be more confident with toe by toe because it is lists of words rather than whole pages of text.

It's really frightening that he is less then two years away from GCSEs and can only comprehend and answer questions that a seven year old can. Give him a reading test with a list of words and I'm sure he would score higher, but in the real world we don't just read lists. This is why I'm wondering if toe by toe will be limited in the help it can provide.

honeylamb Sat 08-Oct-11 23:28:22

I would give it a go, it should only be 15 minutes a day so very do-able if he will comply. Might try again with my ds in a few months!

IndigoBell Tue 11-Oct-11 15:58:22

toe by toe will not help with comprehension.

toe by toe will only help if he has not had sufficient phonics instruction in the past. It's no different to all the either phonics learn to read programs out there.

I wouldn't wait for the EP report. They won't recommend anything that doesn't regularly get recommended on here.

Do you know what NC level he is? If he's a L3 then Read, Write, Inc Comprehension might be the way to go.

If he's less than a L2 (which I think a reading age of 7 is) then I would probably go with Read, Write, Inc Fresh Start if you feel he knows his phonics and just needs reading practice.

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