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language unit or mainstream nursery in NW or central London with speech emphasis

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berrymummy Mon 26-Sep-11 21:52:18

were really lost about where to send DS as he has been just diagnosed with a language disorder and is finding preschool tough as theres not much help for him there. considering moving him to a different nursery but would love to find one where there is an emphasis on speech help or that has a special speech unit. Does anyone know of a good nursery for this? cant find any info on this anywhere and am worries as DS getting unhappy at current nursery...

JamMac Mon 31-Oct-11 10:24:20


Could try Christopher Place. Also the Liberal Jewish Synagogue Nursery (open to all faiths) is wonderful. They are mainstream but do have some kids with SN there and are very open to finding solutions for parents. Our son had speech and other issues and they came up with a great way of including him in mainstream ed plus getting him all the extra help he needed. What's nice too is your child can stay there through Year 1 if need be. It's in NW8, St. John's Wood Road.

berrymummy Tue 01-Nov-11 13:12:48

Thank you so much for your advice! I will try them for sure as were still at a loss what to do about DS nursery as they kicked him out from his other nursery as couldnt be bothered to deal with his language- outrageous and heartbreaking for us as he really enjoyed it despite their attitude.
We were considering Christophers place but DS speech therapist advised against it as said DS not severe enough and has pleanty of other therapy around school so Ms nursery more important for him. How old is your little boy? is he doing better now?

Arghhelp Mon 11-Feb-13 11:50:37

I have to agree with JAMMAC. My son goes there at the moment and the principal and the teachers are amazing..Ther are so nurturinga nd caring and my son has some social issues which they are handling and helping us to handle beyond what I have ever experienced.Amazing place. Fantastic staff..

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