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DOes anyone have any long term knowledge of the outcomes of rewards for SN kids

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bournemouth Mon 26-Sep-11 20:53:22

My son is on the ASD and we have just had the last 3 years of reward charts to get him to settle or be good at school etc. The rewards are normally if your good you get time in the ICT suite or if you get up from under the table you can have time in the ICT suite or more play time. Now when my son first started school i agreed that this would be a good idea as this did work but i did question the long term affects were. Also how much praise and well dones he received for doing the most silliest things. Because he was so difficult from a young age when he attended childminders, nannies pre schools, schools i beleive that he now expects rewards for everything and i have been saying this. At home if i ask him to do anything ie pick up his dirty clothes ect he wants a reward and his behaviour gets worst. I have always argueed with the above people saying that it is just teaching him not to do anything unless he gets a reward. He is now 8 and i beleive that if so much praise was not put on him he would not be so confident saying he knows everything and that he is so great. I also beleive that if he had not had so many rewards i would still not be in a position of defiance when ever he should be doing the right things at home.

I have asked by phoneing around adult/teenage special needs centres today and asking them what they think and they all say the same that rewards work at school for the day to get the teachers to get them to do what they want but in senior school when these rewards no longer exsist or in early adult hood there behaviour is worst because they expect rewards.

I want my school to recognise that long term rewards are not effective only in the short days of school hours. My schools that he has been too all say the same. They think it is affective and that it works for them.

Please tell me what you all think..

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 27-Sep-11 17:41:38


That is certainly an interesting question. I think though, that you'd get more responses on the Special Needs Children, than here on the Special Educational Needs (yes I know it is confusing) as there is a lot more traffic there.

But to answer your question very quickly, yes I do think implementing a reward system without any exit strategy is pretty stupid. They are just 'managing' him with this system.

bournemouth Thu 29-Sep-11 20:28:11

Thank you for your answer. I will also post on the other page too. but very interesting answer

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