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Private tutoring Dyselxia & SLD

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nickminiink Fri 23-Sep-11 13:21:11

Hi, I am looking at hiring a private tutor for my 10 year old son to help with his literacy. He has just been diagnosed as dyslexic, he has always had SLD and been on SA+ from the day he started school. He struggles big time with literacy, mainly understanding what is asked of him and then trying to find the right words to write down. He has poor auditory memory and word finding so this affects both his speech and writing. I want to help him but do not know which professional to approach becuase he has SEN, can anyone recommend who I should be hiring in this area and anyone recommend anyone in the Leicestershire area.
Thank You

erin34 Sat 24-Sep-11 15:15:04

have a look at Dyslexia Action website. You can then contact your nearest branch.
They provide specialist tuition - it's not cheap but really worth it.
My son is 10 and has had tuition from them for maths and english for 1 year now.
It's a slow process, there's no sudden massive improvment but a gradual one, starting with self esteem.
Dyslexia Action have been great.

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