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What help should my ds be getting? (ADHD & dyslexia)

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indiastar Tue 20-Sep-11 14:55:45

Hope I am posting in the right place as I am new to all this...
Ds is 8 and has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, he is also dyslexic and there is talk of slight autism/aspergers. We have know about the dyslexia for a long time.
Found out today that some of his friends (who have no formal diagnosis of anything) are having extra 1 to 1 help at school 3 x week. Ds is getting nothing. They want the EP to see him, but can't get anyone until Feb/March/April time. Have spoken to SENCO and he says that there is lack of funding/time etc.
What would you do in this situation? What should I be asking/demanding of the school? Can I get a EP privately? They said he has an IEP, but I have never seen it. He is already behind, but is apparently 'slightly' better than his friends that are receiving one to one. Feel like my ds has pulled the short straw and is not getting any help.

Thanks for reading!

lelly88 Wed 21-Sep-11 11:30:17

Whoever diagnosed your son with dyslexia and ADHD in the first place should have made the reports available to the school.
Find out if he's on School action, definitely get a copy of the IEP- you should have been consulted on this before it was agreed on. If you don't agree tell them. Put everything in writing.
They are not meeting their duty of care if they are not putting accomodations in place.
You have to shake the cage I'm afraid!

cornsillx Wed 21-Sep-11 11:39:49

support is meant to be based on need and not dx. Some children never get a dx but still require support. But that doesn't mean that school are necessarily meeting your ds's needs. You should have seen his IEP at least. How are they monitoring his progress? What support do you think he needs?

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