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How do I get a diagnosis for asd?

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littletree Fri 08-Jul-11 11:38:25

)(Have also posted on education board

Son is 8 and has exhibited symptoms ever since starting school (and earlier if I'm honest). Anytime I have brought concerns up to school, they have been batted away. We have just had another uncontrollable outburst in school (extreme crying/wailing in the middle of the school hall that the teachers couldn't calm) and head has just told me they deal with him using autism techniques. Was given recommendation to see the gp. This is an abridged version of what took place, but basically, is the gp the starting point. Feel very confused as to why school has been concerned he is on the spectrum but haven't shared with me! I feel depressed and upset and want a definitive diagnosis so that we can help him.

IndigoBell Fri 08-Jul-11 14:37:32

Yes, go the GP, say you think your son might have ASD, and could you get a referral to a child development paedetrician.

AmberLeaf Sat 09-Jul-11 03:03:46

The school could also refer you.

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