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Stratford on Avon or Warwickshire AS schools/

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wendihouse22 Sun 26-Jun-11 17:47:45

My son is in mainstream education and is due to go up to secondary in September 2012. He is Statemented and it's our intention he goes to a school some 25 miles away which is mainstream secondary, with an Autism Unit attached. It's a good school. I've viewed it 4 times. We'd still need to go through the request's not certain, even with a statement that he'd get a place.

I'm divorced (re-married) and my ex lives outside Stratford. He sees ds twice a month. They have a good relationship but my 10yr old ds finds leaving home every fortnight very very difficult. I had an idea over the weekend that, we might move nearer to his dad. But, I don't know of any schools which have that mainstream/asd attatchment, in a 20 mile radius of Stratford/Warwick.

Anyone help me out? At the moment, it's just a pipe dream but, if we're going to have to move house for him to attend the school we've chosen so far (IF he gets a place) then, moving nearer to dad is also an option.

Thanks all smile

wendihouse22 Mon 27-Jun-11 09:26:00

What! NO special needs schools in Warwickshire? They not allowed? Maybe stay in South Cheshire then. We have some excellent schools here!!

wendihouse22 Mon 27-Jun-11 13:32:07

P L E E E A S E ? ANYONE? confused

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