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kicking and scratching in playground

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swanriver Sat 25-Jun-11 11:04:25

My son is 9, and in year 4. He has been been assessed by CAMHS at request of school last year for playground difficulties. They decided he was just below the Asperger's line, but might present as Aspergers at a later date.

So school are being supportive, have him on SN register, on the lookout for playground difficulties, offer buddies on occasion, don't give him detentions for outbursts..etc. However his behaviour has deterioated. He seems very isolated in the playground, reacts violently if he is accidentally bumped. Tries to play football with a group but is sometimes left out because he is just too much hard work for the others to accommodate, as he will often run after them licking and kissing them to get attention.

From school's point of view I can see his behaviour in playground is very difficult to supervise. They can't be there every minute dealing with the problem. Or should they be? I feel terrible that he is hurting other children, and this leads to even further social ostracism. His two friends are avoiding him in the playground, though outside school they are quite friendly,and come and play in our house. His siblings are avoiding him in the playground too.

What should I do to help deal with outbursts of violence, when I'm not there to supervise him?

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