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kept in a break

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chachaheels234 Tue 21-Jun-11 17:10:34

My ds has autism and his statement says that he should receive 1-1 support 32 hours per week but due to be reduced to 16 when his final statement comes through and even when this reduction is made he is to be supported during all core subject. Today my ds came home he said that he had not been supported during English and found the work quite difficult and that another child had took a book off him and gave my ds an old shabby one instead leading to my son anxious and annoyed but he kept a lid on his anger. My ds ended up been kept in at break to finish his work. My view point is that if his support had of been there to support then firstly my son would not have been taken advantage of and that he would have been able to finish his work because he would have had guidance on how to do the tasks.According to my ds nobody even noticed there was a problem. This happens far to frequently and I am starting to become a bit annoyed about it.Does anyone else think this is wrong?

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