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Any parents with twice exceptional children?

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anaviva Mon 06-Jun-11 09:07:08

Hi everyone

My 5 year old son was born partially sighted. He has changed schools 4 times since the age of 2.5. Last May, we finally found a school that has been supportive right from the start. He joined the school at the end of the Reception year. In the parents meeting at the end of term, I was told by his teacher that he should see a psychologist as my son's social behaviour in class was inappropriate - disobedience, lack of "concentration", socially disinclined. This was a story that I had heard many times before and I had taken my son to many psychologists, some of whom questioned my parenting capabilities, others who put it down to my son's vision and others who said there was nothing to worry about - he was just immature. However, this time, the teacher gave me the name of personal recommendation. I took my son to see him and finally found the answer. My son was not only partially sighted but potentially gifted, with an age in visual perception of an 11 year old (he had just turned 5). I began researching gifted children and discovered that many of the problems he was having at school were common in such cases. Thanks to the psychologist's recommendations and the school's support and ethos, my son is doing very well there. I live overseas and am considering moving back to the UK as secondary education here is pretty dire, even in the private sector and my elder son is due to start secondary in a year's time. I have lived outside the UK for 15 years now so feel pretty out of touch with things. The situation with my younger son makes me even more nervous about what I may find in terms of schooling and provision should I move back. I would love to hear from anyone with a twice exceptional child willing to share their experiences. Thanks

IndigoBell Mon 06-Jun-11 17:16:31

This board doesn't get as much traffic as the main SN Children board.

A lot of us there have twice exceptional children.

If you mean being both on the SEN register and on the G & T register.....

What do you wan to know?

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