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ASD son, 12, and school trip.

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EndoTheRoad Tue 31-May-11 10:56:43


My son's off on a school trip for 3 days with the school. I believe about 30 children are going in total with 2/3 members of staff.

One of my son's teachers has rang me to ask if DP and I wants him to have a (discreet, "He's-wired-up-differently") chat with DS's peers and staff at the centre they'll be staying. DS has very quirky behaviours and he believes it may explain it a little.

I am not sure. On one hand, I believe it'd better - it's all out and everyone 's aware. On the other hand, I'm worried that it'll attach some kinda stigma - make his a target for bullying.

Can anyone offer any words of advice/experience?

I'd very much appreciate it.

Oakmaiden Sun 05-Jun-11 22:34:00

Hm. How "different" is your son's behaviour to that of his peers? Is he generally well accepted and tolerated?

I ask because my son has ASD and his behaviour is markedly different from his peers. He doesn't have to be with other children his age for long before they identify him as being "weird" - so in my son's case it generally helps if other people know WHY he seems weird. I find that when children know there is a problem they are more tolerant than when they just perceive a "difference". Not all of them, but enough to make my son feel not completely ostracised.

Whereas if you think your son can get by on a 3 day holiday without appearing significantly "different" then there is no need to explain. You know your son best.

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