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Frewen College, Rye for dyslexic/adhd son.. feedback please!

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tunbridgewellsmum Sat 21-May-11 18:16:42

We are considering Frewen college in Rye for our dyslexic/adhd son. Does anyone have any feedback/recommendation/experience of this particular school? Many thanks

tunbridgewellsmum Mon 23-May-11 17:51:43

anyone??? thanks

Northiam Tue 31-May-11 22:35:25

My son is in Year 7 at Frewen and has been at the school since 2008. We have been absolutely delighted with the school and our son has made great progress. Prior to Frewen he was in mainstream with a statement and had become a school refuser. His self esteem and confidence have grown so much and he now enjoys school. Have a look at their website There are details on there of their open morning. I would recommend a visit. Hope that helps.

BCBG Wed 15-Jun-11 21:16:40

I live near it and have a very dyslexic dAughter but know nothing about it! How old is tour child? Sevenoaks Prep has a fantastic cutting edge Dyslexia Programme.

gastonscave Wed 22-Jun-11 11:08:54

Also look at school just outside Lewes. My baby brother went there and absolutely loved it. Opened up his eyes to what he was capable of instead of what he wasn't

mmm1 Tue 21-May-13 20:16:41

MY daughter started just before xmas 2012 at Frewen college in year 7.
She has settled in well. It is slightly difficult as the girls are few in number as yet ( used to be boys only school).
The teachers are great at helping the children fit in and it is relaxed and friendly. My daughter has social skills problems and can misunderstand and even with this and poor self esteem she is thriving.
I would definately recommend and i fought for funding for the place through tribunal. Cannot imagine how awful it would have been to send her to large mainstream. In just a few weeks people are noticing she is growing in confidence. smile

bexboo3 Sun 15-Jan-17 11:22:52

That's great to hear my son is starting in September

NOTIFICANHELPIT Sun 15-Jan-17 20:33:12

I AM mmm1 -Below--
MY GIRL has now LEFT FREWEN As she refused to attend in 2016 due to SEVERE Bullying Being ignored.
THE SCHOOL has changed HEAD and after SEPT 2014 it as all changed. SO MY previous great review NO Longer applies as this school has driven my daughter to school refusal and self harm. This is down to failure to give therapy and any counselling by NEW principal and some great teachers leaving.

MagMan Mon 15-Jan-18 21:37:16

We had a similar experience at Frewen to NOTIFICANHELPIT. Bullying not addressed at school and in boarding for our child -making them very despondent. Management took no responsibility for resolving issues. Also the SEN support was partly withdrawn without notification and we had trouble with the EHCP and placement at another school because of it. -A frequent issue we have heard. The principal and vice principal lack any SEN credentials so that partially explains the decline. Their disability discrimination policy is out of date and they seem to have no clue in that regard.

These sorts of issues need to be taken to the governors, OFSTED and other similar outlets. Some good teachers left, though there has been significant turnover. Time will if that persists.

ClaireFraser2018 Fri 02-Mar-18 11:15:01

I am sorry to read about the bullying your children - NOTIFICANHELPIT and MagMan - experienced at Frewen.
My experiences are different.
The HM, teachers, and boarding staff at Frewen have been very supportive and approachable. Bullying does not seem to be a frequent occurrence to me - on the contrary: Frewen has been a very friendly and gentle school.

Lullabelle74 Sun 06-May-18 18:34:04

Don’t know how long your dc has been at the school. But Frewen has changed so much in last 2 years and is no longer the gentle nurturing environment it used to be. key staff including most of senior leadership have left. There is now little understanding of individual needs, poor communication within the school and with parents and pupil behaviour not being dealt with. The prep school is still good and well led but after that there are many unhappy children and little being done to resolve problems.
Also if your child has speech and language difficulties be careful before choosing this school. They will likely stop providing the SALT by around year 9 even if it is in EHCP and you don’t agree to removing

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