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mancshell Fri 28-Jan-11 10:53:54

My son is 8 and is in a small mainstream school still, he as special needs but not diagnosed yet, but C.A.M.H.S are looking at ADHD (they can tell he has something, but for the assessment the waiting list time is ridiculous) the school knew he had these learning problems from the reception class, and he's now in year 3, with a devil of a teacher who is very strict and he clashes with her, (she shouts and he doesn't need that) its took 4 years to get him the right help, and he's learned nothing this year, going up to juniors as unsettled him more, (the meeting were pointless, nothing ever got solved, me and his dad have got appointments ourselves and have sorted stuff, the school didn't do anything, they just wanted the funding, but didn't care about camerons condition, feel so sorry for him, he gets bullied by the school because of his learning problems, he rebels and behaves bad there, but he's not a bad kid,
the school want him out of there, a kid pushed my son over the other day, and they blamed my son for it, (but the teacher who saw it told me different) she thinks a lot of my son,
there's been time when the older kids have hit or pushes my son but the teacher said they (retaliated because he was winding them up) you see she says its ok for them kids to hit him and push him over, there's no excuse for that, I am not having kids pushing him over because he doesn't know how to play with kids.
because he plays with insects etc and doesnt want to play footie with the lads (because he doesnt know how) she school call him for that, when hes been hurt or pushed by the kids,they say cameron has as been rolling in mud, (OH REALLY WHAT WHEN HE HAS BRUISES ON HIM)??
over Xmas he wasn't allowed to go to the Xmas party at school because the teacher couldn't be bothered, so she decided she wanted me to pick him up at lunch time and take him home, I told her off, and said that its not fair that he has to work while the rests of the juniors get to enjoy themselves,
last year he lost out on going to knowsley safari park while everyone else went, because he wouldn't be good for a whole 2 weeks, I told the teacher how was he supposed to be good all that time when he as communication problems, its hard for him at home to be good for a whole hour to get some chocolate, never mind 2 weeks.
she just didn't want to take him on the trip, Cuz she didn't want the hassle, especially since she was going, I cried that morning, because I let him go school, I bet he cried his little heart out that morning when he was left behind, I am going to buy him a vid game and let him have a day off one day, for what they did to him, (making him miss out like that)

you see he doesn't have a behavior problem, he just plays up at school because he's frustrated as he cant learn the same as everyone else in his class, the teacher either puts him a corner and forgets him, or she throws him into other classes,
I am fed up with the school he's at now,

I am in the process of getting my lad in a special school because we know he needs a more caring place to learn, but because of all the red tape and the stupid system, we are having problems getting him into a good one, the people from the council who are helping just want to shove him into the one that comes under their area instead of making a little effort,

has anyone else gone through this, its soo tiring, I am so stressed with it all, we just the best school for our lad, as we all do don't we. I just don't know what to do, I feel so bad for my Cameron, i have complained to the education about school picking on him, but i dont know whats as been done/if anything will ever be done.
they really have picked on him since being there, and its been worse this year.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if anything is waffled, I am just so tired I have 5 children and a new baby keeping me awake he he, I love them all to bits though I would want them any other way, they are my life.

WetAugust Fri 28-Jan-11 18:52:13

His current schol sounds grim.

If you think he needs to attend a special school he'll need a Statement of Educational Needs. School should be applying for this but if they aren't then you should contact the LA and request one yourself.

aLegonEachCorner Sat 19-Feb-11 18:46:53

Oh dear. Your son is in the wrong setting. Push for that diagnosis and get the help he needs, hopefully.

What a rotten school. Poor thing.

bochead Sun 20-Feb-11 20:57:19

Your story sounds like my son's reception year - aged 4 he had no hope of defending himself against 10 year olds and its left him with long term mental scars.

YOU can apply for a statement. As a parent you have the right to appeal if the LEA disagree, if the school applies for a statement that right is lost. IPSEA has model letters you can use to help you write a nice application letter. Parent partnership may also be able to help.

I will say one thing though. Your son is lucky he has such a great Mum on his side! That's something that no matter how silly his current teacher is noone can take away from him. A kid's home environment can help them an awful lot by giving them a safe secure retreat when the world outside seems a rough place. Make sure his siblings give him a bit of support.

mancshell Sun 20-Jan-13 10:56:05

Thank you soo much for the comments,
i Just felt i had better give a quick update,
my lad is 10 now and left the school he was at,
he went to a great special school now which as really had a big affect on our lifes, the school is a rating of number 1 on of-stead, the staff are all great with him, even when he has his off days,
he couldn't be in a better place, i even got my daughter who is 8 diagnosed with adhd, she take meds every day and it helps her too she is still at the other school but has a grt ta to help her everyday, if she didnt have that she would be left in the corner too,
since being at his new school he come on very well with his swimming, he was scared of water before he went there, he did a concert playing the guitar, and has done many other things in one year of being there,
my son as met people at his school like Danny Boyle, and elbow, just in case you down know who they are (Danny was the one who organized the opening ceremony for the Olympics and hes a film director of slum-dog millionaire) and (elbow is a musician and made the theme music for the Olympics)
he will be in yr 6 in Sept so at the end of that year he will move on to a high school which is also number rating 1 as well and can be kept on until 19 yrs old, which is great because of all the education he lost out on because of his old school, i wish he had gone to this school a lot younger he would of come on a lot more,

Tingo Sat 26-Jan-13 07:42:27

That's wonderful news. I am so happy for you and your dear boy.

Good luck and god bless. smile

MadameSin Tue 12-Feb-13 16:00:15

Wow, great to hear how he's getting on ... his current school sounds perfect for him. Did you get a formal diagnosis of ADHD in the end?

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