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Hiya mums quick question regarding statements

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Kesha321 Fri 14-Jan-11 08:36:31

My asd son is nearly 4,he starts reception this year September should I start applying for a statement for him from now? He has severe communication difficultys among other things,also how do I go about doing this I don't know much as I'm new to all this. Only recieved diagnosis 5 days ago Thankyou x

bigcar Sat 15-Jan-11 21:12:13

you'll find the SN children has a lot more traffic then over here smile

You should start now on the statement front as it's a minimum 6 month process. Apply your self as this will put you in control and you will know what should be done when. Have a look here for info and use their model letter to apply.

for additional support you can contact parent partnership for your area, some services are more independant then others so keep an eye open for that. There is also ace and sossen that may be useful.

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