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Am I asking too much?

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disillusionx Wed 17-Nov-10 20:23:27

The primary school my son attends have a variety of afterschool clubs, however my son has learning difficulties and the cancellation policy they operated does not work for my son. If a club has been cancelled a letter is given to the child, the child is told verbally, and a notice is put up in a window at the side of the school. My son does not remember messages or to bring home notes, I work so a childminder drops him off who has not need to go to the particular window the notice is displayed in - not all of these three methods are always followed by the school particularly if it is short notice. I have complained and asked for a better system as this one relies too heavily on the children (some as young as 5) but I have been told that the school do not share the responsiblity if parents cannot find out for themselves if club is cancelled.
I no longer send my son because he has been left waiting for clubs that are not on or missed clubs that he thinks are cancelled - this seems a bit unfair to me as he enjoys going but I have no confidence in this cancellation system.
Have I got a right to request the school changes this?

IndigoBell Wed 17-Nov-10 20:57:53

Are these after school clubs ones that you have paid for or ones that are run by the school?

If you have paid for them, then I would ask the people who you have paid to notify you directly.

If they are school ones than they should definately notify you directly. Why can't they email you....

Nor do I understand why there are regular cancellations....

disillusionx Wed 17-Nov-10 21:08:27

They are school run clubs, i do not pay for them.

They wont email me because they already have a procedure in place, albeit a ad-hoc one that isnt always administer properly.

The last one was cancelled because the teacher wasnt in school, the one before due to a match being on instead of training, and before that cancelled for parent evenings... i could go on.

IndigoBell Wed 17-Nov-10 21:20:13

This is totally unacceptable. SN or not. No kid should be not picked up at the correct time.

I think you should raise this with the HT and if you get no joy you need to complain to the board of governors. ( I don't normally say that)

Do they not ring you to say he hasn't been picked up?????

disillusionx Wed 17-Nov-10 21:53:38

They did ring me on one occasion when they realised nobody was there to fetch him, other times friends have taken him and contacted me to let me know.

I dont think they would just leave him on his own, however, it does worry me he may just wander off and nobody notices.

IndigoBell Thu 18-Nov-10 09:26:22

This seems to me to nothing about SN, but a serious problem with their 'picking up from school' policy.

I have had my kids in 2 schools, and neither of them would ever let a child go with someone other than me or DH or someone we had explicitly told them could pick up.

There is no way they would send my child home with a different parent.

SausageMonster Thu 18-Nov-10 21:52:44

Point out to them that they have a legal duty to make 'reasonable adjustmnets' for anyone (including your child) who has a disability - that's their duty under the Disability Discrimmination Act (DDA).

That mmeans that they have to deviate from their one-size-fits-all, thats-the-way-we-do-it procedure and come up with a way of telling you club has been cancelled that takes into account your child's disability wheich prevents them from knowing and passing that message to you.

Just shout DDA at them and watch their attitude change grin

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