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Needing Advice - Small Group Pre-school for Aspergers Boy Lytham St Annes

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Neensey Wed 15-Sep-10 14:17:54


My son is nearly 4 years old and although has not yet been diagnosed he has been assessed so far as leaning towards Aspergers.

He goes to a mainstream nursery for 3 half sessions per week. The nursery is struggling to include him as he flits about from one activity to another and won't sit down or join in with the other kids. I don't blame the nursery so much as they simply don't have the resources.

However he has a helper that has been allocated to him for 8 hours per week but for this term she will only do one session (3 hours) with him. I didn't even know she had started and when I asked what they were doing together she has started him with a Now and Next board which isn't necessary for my son as he will do as someone asks on the whole.

I suppose my concern is the nursery doesn't know what he is capable of as they are too busy with the rest of the kids to spend any one to one time with him.

My son is a different child at home - I think he would benefit from a pre-school with very small groups. Does anyone have any idea of any pre-schools in the lytham st annes area that have small groups?

Really appreciate any advice.


bigcar Thu 16-Sep-10 10:07:15

hi neensey, you might find you get a reply easier on the sn children board, it gets a lot more traffic over there smile

Hulaflame Wed 13-Feb-13 16:17:04

Hi there - I'd strongly recommend you go and look around St Annes College Junior School and Nursery on Clifton Drive. It's very small and your son will easily get all the support he needs there. It would be perfect for him.

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