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Dyspraxia - Does your DC see an OT regularly?

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artichaut27 Thu 17-Jan-19 11:09:01

My DS1 is 7 and has been diagnosed with DCD last year. He's on 2nd percentile.

He was discharged by OT straight after the assessment because the plan was for him to be seeing an SPD OT. I've self-referred to SPD OT and I'm now realising that unless my child had major SPD issues, he will not be assessed.

The DCD OT, sent us a list of recommended exercises to do at home with him and also a handwriting intervention for school (which I'm not sure they are very assiduous with).

Now, he has private SALT one Saturday a month, homework, private tuition, swimming etc.

I can't find the time to do his gross motor skills activities at home.

Does your DC go to OT regularly? Is it NHS or private?

April2020mom Tue 22-Jan-19 23:37:40

My daughter has started seeing a private OT recommended by my son’s physical therapist. She comes out to our apartment one day a week to work with her. Our first ever session consisted primarily of a evaluation.
If you are struggling talk to the therapist. My goal for DD is to work on her minor fine motor skills. What kind of gross motor activities do you do? What skills are being targeted during the sessions?

HexagonalBattenburg Wed 23-Jan-19 14:14:36

Nope. We got a 5 session block when she was first diagnosed (which was really really useful) and that's all we get around here. Can't afford private OT on top of the private speech therapy we're paying for (she also has verbal dyspraxia).

artichaut27 Wed 23-Jan-19 17:27:41

Thanks for both your replies.

We only had the assessment with the NHS and the we were discharged.

We have only one session of SALT a month for my DS1 and we're doing exercises at home most days.

So I was thinking of an OT session once a month to keep up on general tips for writing, gross motor, fine motor skills etc.

I've contacted two private OTs by email unsuccessfully. They are pretty thin on the ground around Devon apparently. It only took me a year to find him private SALT! (good job I'm very persistent)

April2020mom Wed 23-Jan-19 18:18:14

Could you afford private OT or not?

artichaut27 Wed 23-Jan-19 18:33:01

I would be able to afford it once a month. I think every week would be too much for him anyway.

Onglue Thu 24-Jan-19 23:43:09

Nope! Only saw OT for diagnosis, nothing since.

She had physiotherapy for about a year in primary school though.

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