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Have you used PALS re DC's SEN?

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VforVienetta Wed 16-Jan-19 22:19:49

Wondering what to do:
Our GP has advised me to contact PALS at our hospital due to the failure of the Community Paediatrics dept to diagnose my son with an ASD.
We're over two years since referral, have had three appointments in that time (last one May 2018), and have been waiting since September for a SALT assessment.
Any experience dealing with PALS? I have no idea what complaining will achieve...

Thekidsarefightingagain Thu 17-Jan-19 06:38:03

We had this too! Next time you see your paed you need to absolutely insist on an ADOS assessment and not take no for an answer. If you can afford seeing a private paed it might be worth doing that (we did, report is worth its weight in gold). I'm not sure what PALS would do tbh although it might be worth it just to show you're not a pushover.

rainbowbash Thu 17-Jan-19 22:57:39

we used pals for a 2 year wait for salt. got seen within a week of sending the complain in. has definitely worked for us.

VforVienetta Sat 19-Jan-19 00:05:51

Thank you for replying fightingagain and rainbow
I’m calling them on Monday to nag the poor secretary again. Doesn’t appear to be much they will do - they flat refuse to see him til the SALT is done, even tho he doesn’t need to see one. IMO it’s just a delaying tactic as they know the SALT wait time is 18wks, so it means they can avoid dealing with him for longer. The paeds dept is really struggling to hold on to staff, i’ve asked several times for DS to be put on the list of a permanent member of staff, but it never happens.
In the meantime, he’s having a hard time at school as they can;t give him the time he needs.
Time to woman up and stop being nice eh. It may be hard for them to manage their caseload with locums etc, but this is ridiculous now.

Thekidsarefightingagain Sat 19-Jan-19 00:21:04

Don't be nice and yep delay tactics are the norm. Fighting is the only way forward unfortunately. I keep threatening to go to the press wink

Onglue Sat 19-Jan-19 00:38:15

Yes, when community paediatrics "lost" 2 referrals.

And again when the ASD pathway failed to inform me of my DD's diagnosis, failed to confirm DD's diagnosis in writing to me or anyone else, and then lost my DD's file, including her ASD assessment and diagnosis notes.

Onglue Sat 19-Jan-19 00:38:38

They were extremely helpful BTW

Thekidsarefightingagain Sat 19-Jan-19 06:42:28

It's really quite careless all this losing things Onglue! We've had a few (huge) files lost too.

januaryblues21 Sat 19-Jan-19 08:20:51

I would put a formal complaint into the trust (as long as SALT and paeds are in the same trust) detailing what has happened and the adverse effect on your child. Make sure you write formal complaint at the top though, it's those words that action their protocol for complaints. I would then send it to the chief executive of the trust and the head of child health, not just each department or PALS.

I did this when we were waiting for every service for months. I had appointments for everything within a month and people being a little more attentive to our situation. Each individual service won't talk to each other so it took someone higher with a responsibility over many services to see that the set up was failing children. I work for this trust as well.

rainbowbash Sat 19-Jan-19 09:42:38

I’m calling them on Monday to nag the poor secretary again.

don't nag anyone nicely. Go through pals. much more effective. most pals services have an email address. a Google search should bring it up. Just fire an email off!

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