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Year 7 EHCP review help needed please

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legofansmum Tue 15-Jan-19 20:52:26


Hoping to pick peoples’ brains for help with filling in my section for the EHCP review.

It’s the Parents and Carers Hopes and Aspirations for the future page.

DS starters mainstream secondary in September. He’s academically able but struggles socially. At primary school he initially sent to a specialist ASD unit and then transferred to mainstream in Year 4 with a 1:1 for 15 hours. They don’t do 1:1s at secondary school. There are TA’s in most lessons, although DS says they are usually supporting others. He has a Keyworker who he sometimes sees- not often he says.

Anyway back in November he received a one day exclusion from school- his first ever. We were both devastated. A group of children had been bullying him. They made up a really vile thing that they accused him of saying- awful racist slur. DS categorically didn’t say it and isn’t racist in any way. The school know he didn’t say it too. They went up in his face and laughed that he’d be expelled for it. DS pushed two of them and they said they were hurt.

Another incident that happened was DS was strangled by another pupil in an unprovoked attack. The pupil in question was excluded for three days over this.

DS has made friends with a nice group- which is beyond my expectations given his social difficulties, he enjoys lessons and likes all teachers - bar PE, who doesn’t seem to understand his co morbid dyspraxia. He finds the disruption to lessons from a few pupils really hard to cope with.

Any ideas please with how to fill in the form please?

I’ve never struggled before. I did think about changing his school at one point, but I think every school has bullies etc... and I like the general ethos of the school.

Thanks in advance.

Claw001 Wed 16-Jan-19 07:00:52

Parents hopes and aspirations but seems like the least of your worries tbh. I wrote something vague like for ds to happy, healthy and be able to attend school.

Why don’t this school do 1:1? If it is specified in his EHCP they MUST, it’s the Law! I assume his 15 hours of 1:1 is unspecified ie doesn’t say where and why and for what his 1:1 should be given?

Maybe use this review to amend his EHCP?

SaturdayNext Fri 18-Jan-19 07:49:11

Every school has bullies, but a lot depends on what they do about it. I would expect a good school to come down on the children who attacked your son like a ton of bricks, and I would be asking how on earth the second incident at least happened given the school's safeguarding responsibilities.

legofansmum Fri 18-Jan-19 16:32:58

A boy who strangled him got a temporary exclusion. The group of girls who bullied him in a really spiteful way seemed to get away with it in my view, as the one continued to do so , probably until the school had enough of me complaining.

Thanks for the advice, it’s so heartbreaking to see him unhappy.

zzzzz Fri 18-Jan-19 16:49:54

Of course he can have 1:1 if he needs it, but I’m not sure it would help these situations.
Does he have a named person to report to and who can help him navigate social difficulties?

legofansmum Fri 18-Jan-19 16:52:39

He does have a Key worker , who he can see if he has difficulties. She seems nice enough, but I think very busy with students. He doesn’t seem to see much of her.

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