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Adult with SN - can anyone help?

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Singlenotsingle Tue 15-Jan-19 19:25:19

I have a distant adult relative with SN, although without a formal diagnosis. Low IQ and possibly on the autism spectrum. Currently living with a dp (who also has SN) but the flat is in the dp's sole name and the relative is in danger of becoming homeless. We are trying to get some housing, maybe sheltered, but without a formal assessment this is proving impossible. GP is unwilling to assist. Can anyone offer any advice pls?

CaptainKirksSpookyghost Tue 15-Jan-19 20:03:19

Social services should be the first people you contact.

Nay08 Wed 16-Jan-19 21:54:52

Low IQ - is this just from observation? Its much harder to get a diagnosis once a person reaches 18. But if this has always been the case then i would presume your relative has a learning disability. Autism is quite possible alongside as well. There are many places that can offer help, contact your local social work team for assistance. If unsure, MENCAP can offer advice and support and can point you in the right direction for your local area. There are many places out there that have supported living facilities, whereby someone who requires little to full support can have this, whilst living independently. I presume your relative has managed seemingly well living independently with a partner? Who has assisted in managing their finances etc? The more information you can gather, the better ideally. A formal diagnosis is not always needed, but certainly helps! Can the GP not refer them? Under equality act and disability act, they have to provide assistance and reasonable adjustments for appointments etc for those who require it. If no help there, contact your local hospitals and ask if they have a learning disability liaison nurse that may be able to provide you with some help. Good luck!

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