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Secondary School (North West) for ASD

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GovernorMarley Tue 15-Jan-19 16:01:56

DS (9) is still in primary school at the moment but we're starting to look ahead to secondary. Where we are the main options are either the local special school or an ASD unit in a mainstream school. Special school is really lovely place where DS would fit in socially, be able to cope and get great help developing independence but would have limited options academically (he's on track to meet age-related expectations in an ASD primary unit at the moment). The mainstream school is good from an academic point of view but the kids in the unit are generally expected to integrate for lessons and there's no way DS would cope. At last parent teacher meeting we asked his class teacher who shared our concerns.

We have a couple of years and are prepared to relocate if need be to find a perfect fit school. We already have plans to to look at Church Lawton school in Cheshire. Any suggestions of schools in Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria or even southern Scotland would be appreciated. Thanks!

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