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Any other 13 year olds with ADHD have no self esteem ?

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MotherKnowsBest123 Sat 12-Jan-19 21:41:03

My kid recently got diagnosed ipwith combined type ADHD and they concluded that symptoms had gradually worsened over time which Why her excessive chatter ect wasn’t noticed in primary . She’s spent around 10 years being told in primary that she was rude , too shy , too sensitive and cried too much. She also got told in nursery that she needed to learn to persevere with an activity rather than changing every 5 mins . In secondary she was told she is too chatty , disruptive (selfish because F.C. this ) unorganised , motor mouth , verbal dioreha , easily distracted , annoying . All this by teachers and sometimes friends and it’s only just come to light that she can’t help it and her self esteem is deeply damaged by all this . How do I help her ? She feels like all the teachers hate her and that everyone thinks she is annoying

motherKnowsBest123 Sun 13-Jan-19 12:03:04


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