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Just struggling a bit

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missfliss Sat 12-Jan-19 08:18:27

Hi all,

Not sure what I'm posting for really. Just some support from people who understand I think since I don't really have a network Of folks in similar circs in real life.

I also want to say that I do understand that compared to many we are lucky and I'm really sorry if this sounds whinges.

I work FT to support the family, so not about nearly as much as I would want to be for my DS (7) ASD / Dyslexia. My husband also works FT in a supply teaching role ( he gained his PGCE last year and now needs an NQT job to fully qualify in teaching - it was a career change after a terrible few years.

No family nearby to offer any support.

Our son is lovely but as he gets older his ASD ( diagnosis at 6 yo) is becoming more and more noticeable and his behaviours more rigid ( anxious). Whilst his mainstream school are lovely it's not working for him, and the demands of KS2 are making this worse. Due to our hours he has wrap around care - a childminder in the morning for drop offs and Afterschool club till 5 - 5:15.

We applied for an EHCP with school support and just heard before Xmas that one will be given. It's been stressful and a struggle. We've sourced and supplied an additional OT report on the advice of an advocate as the LA were refusing to properly assess his neeeds here. The OT report clearly says he needs specialist ASD provision which is good news because it means we have a leg to stand on when we are seeking alternative provision.

I'm just so stressed. My son seems to be struggling more than ever and in between work ( no choice ) and trying to keep my son able to cope with his daily demands I just feel so torn.

Will the right placement help all this?

I just want him to not be so anxious and school to be somewhere positive .

Any experiences to share ?

Marshmallow09er Sat 12-Jan-19 08:23:54

☕️ for you.

My experience is that the right placement for DS (9) has helped massively. He started SS in Sept and his anxiety has decreased a lot around school. He'll never 'love' school but he goes willingly and whilst there engages in learning and they understand him.

I've recently increased my hours at work (after a long period of not working / then working very few hours) - I couldn't have done that when he was in mainstream.

missfliss Sat 12-Jan-19 08:40:48

Thank you so much for reply marshmallow it helps just to feel less alone with it but also to hear a positive story

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