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Training pants for 4-5yo

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LauraMipsum Fri 11-Jan-19 21:59:24

DD has had problems toilet training since we first started trying, all linked to sensory issues and interoception. She is FINALLY aware when she is wet but is still very unreliable, and is now saying she doesn't like pants because it feels like she's not wearing anything on her bottom. She is a sensory seeker and likes to feel things wrapped around her.

I think it is worth trying training pants as a step down from pull-ups, as they're a bit thicker than ordinary pants, but the only ones I can find are age 3 at the biggest and she is a tall 4, in age 5 clothes in a lot of outlets.

Anyone got any recommendations or ideas?

Itstimeslikethese Tue 22-Jan-19 08:30:31

I know you posted this a week or so ago but didn't want to leave your question without a answer.. I would put pants on then a pull up over the pants , can also start to cut part of the pull up , cutting more off as the weeks go on ..making it less & less of a pull up & in time she be use to the feeling....till no more pull ups!
Good Luck X

SpringerLink Tue 22-Jan-19 08:45:39

Also, trunk style boxer shorts that are snug all over will give more feeling of being wrapped up. You can also use Lycra sports shorts (like cycling shorts) to provide sensory feedback.

spader1987 Tue 22-Jan-19 12:34:13

Might be worth having a look at the link below. We use the boy version of these. They look and feel like usual underwear but have a built in pad and are washable.

zzzzz Tue 22-Jan-19 12:37:25

Just get the three year old ones and let them out?

LauraMipsum Tue 22-Jan-19 13:22:13

Thanks everyone!

NeverTrustASmilingCat Tue 22-Jan-19 14:24:34

Or these ones:

anniehm Sun 27-Jan-19 14:40:00

Try US websites,kids potty train late there - dd at 5 was far from last and we had just as you described. Long time ago but I bought from the now defunct baby's r us

drspouse Sun 27-Jan-19 19:03:27

Try asking on a cloth nappies group on FB.

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