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Sensory Processing Disorder and Winter Clothing

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BeholdTheNewTablecloth Fri 11-Jan-19 15:30:35

Hello there

It is -1 degrees where I am and I don't have a car. DS is at home at the moment (due to go to school September but probably moving back to the UK in the Summer, that's another thread).
He has had issues with clothing for over a year now - I have to cut out all labels and avoid layering and certain materials. He is happiest naked - in the Summer often was (!)
He is the Goldilocks of clothing - too hot, too tight, too loose, too big, not the right is an ongoing nightmare.
I take him shopping to choose items - he refused all coats saying none were comfortable and he is now digging his heels in. He has had 3 coats of varying sizes and rejects them all.
I looked for and failed to find a poncho or rain cape. Took him out in a top and sweatshirt on Tuesday - he did not feel the cold but later he did and guess what? got a cough later.
He is 5 and knows why he needs a coat. He also knows he cannot go out in this weather without one. I told him I would get arrested. Nothing makes any difference and if forced into a coat it escalates to a meltdown/laying on the floor in or outside and I am back where I started.
So...I tried:
practising putting winter clothes on
adding time to itinerary
going shopping with him
letting him have a choice of clothes
going down to as few a layers as can without being accused of neglect
letting him go out in a sweatshirt instead
carrying him on my shoulders wrapped in a blanket

Am at wit's end and feel like a prisoner in my own home
He has not left house since Tuesday
Even if we do get back to the UK and I drive again and I manage to get him a school place the clothing issue will not go away - he will be expected to wear a polo and sweatshirt, later on a blazer. Those in charge of safeguarding will flag a child without a coat, hat or gloves surely?
What have any of you done who are in the same boat?
Any tips or advice welcome flowers at this rate we will become home schooling hermits and never leave the house sad

grasspigeons Fri 11-Jan-19 15:34:45

Will he wear a really good soft base layer - some sensory companies have them with no seams.

a thick fleece - gap do good ones that have a really thick fleecy lining and a cotton outer.

Then a gilet - which doesn't then have the sleeve issue where they bunch up under each other and not as restrictive for movement

Not waterproof but warm

BeholdTheNewTablecloth Fri 11-Jan-19 15:45:51

Ooh we don't have a gap where I am but they do do online - would a hoodie sweatshirt in fleece for a 5 year old be a boy's XS or S? (usually size 116-122 here)

A gilet is a good idea, I just haven't seen any for boys at C+A and I am still going to be judged by every Oma going but needs must.

Can anyone recommend a sensory company that delivers to Europe?

Many thanks in advance x

livpotter Fri 11-Jan-19 16:38:56

I feel your pain, getting my ds to wear clothes is a problem. He has worn the same clothes (in different sizes) for 2 years now.

As for school it really depends on how flexible they are. Ds is allowed to wear his own clothes at school and not the uniform (I've really tried with visuals and social stories but he just won't keep it on). They also don't make him to wear shoes inside.

As soon as we get anywhere, inside or outside, he strips down to his top and trousers so I have stitched thermal vests into his tops and thermal leggings into his trousers to try and keep him warm outside. I've stitched them seam to seam so that they are less scratchy. He seems to be less bothered about adding layers underneath his clothes than on top of them.

We've tried loads of different shoes with him. The most recent ones he actually seems to like, they are snow boots with a fluffy inside so he doesn't have to wear sock with them. Pretty cheap and from amazon.

BeholdTheNewTablecloth Fri 11-Jan-19 16:52:25

Thanks pigeons and liv
Glad it's not just me. I am feeling a bit alone atm....if it was as easy as ''make him'' which others have said to me hmm then I would. I just want him to be comfortable but warm/weatherproof(!) The thermals are also a good idea, I just need to learn how to sew blush Could you post the amazon link to the boots please? Thanks in advance x

livpotter Fri 11-Jan-19 16:56:45

Yeah 'make him' has never worked for us either!

Here's the link:

KVbaby Winter Snow Boots Slip-on Water Resistant Booties Boy's Girl's Anti-Slip Lightweight Ankle Boots Full Fur

Lifeisachallenge Fri 11-Jan-19 19:16:28

I get it! My son is 8 now and what works it to find something he will wear and buy it in bulk and lots of sizes! I attempted two different new jackets this year and he simply refused to wear them so it was back to the same style, from the same shop, that he has had since he was three..thank you Boden. He will only wear 100% cotton clothes, no labels etc. School will let you adapt as it is a simple reasonable adjustment for a child with a SEN. As for warmth my son does not feel the cold like we do. He still spends most of his time naked or just in 100% cotton boxers with no elastic making contact with his skin. When we go out it is just cotton layers and his jacket. He will not wear a hat or scarf but insists on his hood being up. We get lots from Polarn O Pyret, Boden and Frugi. All should post to Europe.

BlackeyedGruesome Fri 11-Jan-19 22:03:16

ah yes. you can spot my boy easilky form a distance coming out of school. he is in the muddy bright white short sleeved shirt whilst all the others are in a dark jumper or coat. and yes we are judged, we have compromised with a hooded fleece on the way too and from school and a coat and school jumper in the bag for school to deal with.

he wears tracksuit bottoms and long sleeved t shirt all year at home. he did put socks and the one sort of sweatshirt he will wear on last night so it must have been cold. in summer I worry he is too hot, in winter I worry that he is too cold. I try to get him to snuggle under duvets,

I used to try to put stuff on him... you would be left with an instant meltdown dangling off your arm

when he is at secondary it will be more aceptable for him to not be in a coat as that is what teens do. no longer the parenting fail.

LauraMipsum Fri 11-Jan-19 22:11:47

If you return to the UK, schools should make reasonable adjustments for sensory issues, and M&S have launched an autism-friendly uniform range

That's what DD will be wearing when she goes to school in September and although she is going to a school which is usually anal strict about uniform, they have made suitable adjustments for children with sensory differences including not making them wear a blazer further up the school.

WhoKnewBeefStew Fri 11-Jan-19 22:15:58

Can you get him an all in one to go under all clothing? You can get some specifically for dc with sensory needs that come without seams and labels and in materials that would suit him? Most schools will make allowances regarding clothing for sn dc.

My dd is very similar and at 2 degrees she walking to school in trousers, a polo shirt and a cardigan. She doesn’t seem to feel the cold and people have now got used to seeing her wearing next to nothing in the crap weather. I did used to get the odd comment or two but I simply ignore.

WhoKnewBeefStew Fri 11-Jan-19 22:19:02

Just to add to my post these folk do school uniforms and underwear

Verbena37 Sat 12-Jan-19 20:33:05

D.S. never wears a coat usually but for school he has to take one/wear one if they can make him (he is 13).
Check out Jacko-O in Germany.
My D.S. wears a soft shell black jacket....not as heavy and shower proof. He took the hood off his too.

I’m assuming you’re there as you said Oma.

Verbena37 Sat 12-Jan-19 20:37:33

And loads of Kinde-Weste (gilets) here

BeholdTheNewTablecloth Sun 13-Jan-19 14:34:42

Thank you to you all flowers Am going to look at the links now x

Calmed Fri 18-Jan-19 17:38:36

My son is the same and he chose this jacket which has a teddy bear type fur lining - very soft. They sell it in various places - this one is on eBay:

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