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Support in toileting (wiping) at school.

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hazeyjane Thu 10-Jan-19 15:49:46

Ds (8) is in a complex needs resource base in a mainstream school. He has an EHCP and a 1-1 when he goes into inclusion class.

He toilet trained last year after a long and difficult struggle. He has problems with digestion and bowels and is on medication, without which he can't poo. Unfortunately this medication makes his poo fairly explosive and loose.

For a long time he was withholding at school, if he did go It was on his own and he was unable to wipe him self clean so he would stuff lots of toilet paper in his pants as he didn't know what else to do.

At home we are working on him learning to wipe his bottom, but it is slow progress. I have asked for him to be supported with it at school. At first they have been amenable to this. Today he has come home with a note in his book saying the TA had 'kindly been wiping his bottom, but d's now needs to do this on his own 'with guidance'. Ds just said his TA can't wipe his bottom any more and the teacher said that the head won't let them do it. I understand he has to learn, but surely if he is still not clean they should be allowed to help him? I just don't want to go back to pants full of crappy toilet paper, ds smelling and getting sore and then him withholding again.


BlackeyedGruesome Thu 10-Jan-19 17:59:21

contact the school nurse.

some children (small nursery/reception no special needs) are able to wipe with instruction, so perhaps they are hoping yours will be able to too.

if they can not wipe though then they will need help. school nurse is the way to go as far as I know. mayvbe someone will be along with some more advice soon

Spongeb0b Fri 11-Jan-19 20:14:17

@hazeyjane have you spoken to the SENCo? What does his EHCP say about personal care (if anything?). I'm an OT and have worked with children with these difficulties. Break it down in to stages and dont move on to the next stage until you've mastered the one before. Get DS to first practice wiping Nutella off a plate, then a plastic doll's bum (really!) then move on to DS. Reinforce the idea that if the loo roll is not clean it's time to wipe again. Lots and lots of praise. Ask for a meeting with school where you agree on the steps (maybe type them up a sheet) and use the same language consistently. Best of luck and I hope some of that helps x

April2020mom Sat 19-Jan-19 13:12:06

Does he have autism or not? Perhaps you should also ask the occupational therapist for ideas and recommendations on resources that would help. Does he also have a IEP? Definitely ask for a meeting with the school to discuss your concerns and come up with a plan of action.
Good luck. The OT should certainly be able to help you solve your problems. Contact the school nurse as well. It is time for a discussion and being proactive. How old is he?
What are his cognitive abilities like? Does he have any learning difficulties or not?

hazeyjane Fri 25-Jan-19 22:17:40

Sorry I hadn't seen the replies!
He is in year 4, he doesn't have autism but has a genetic condition which has lots of 'autistic behaviours'. He was discharged from OT although we are trying to get a re referral. He only came out of nappies last year, struggles with actually reaching round, is very resistant to getting his hands messy and struggles with remembering the order things go in (IFYSWIM!) Add in the very loose and explosive nature of his poo and it is a blooming minefield (A pooey minefield...)
We have had a meeting with school and his Learning Disability CAMHS support worker has talked to them, as when they approached it with him he stopped pooing at school at all, leading him to be in a lot of discomfort, which then makes his reflux worse and causes him to vomit.
We have drawn up a care plan to support him with wiping, and they have been told not to put too much pressure on him. We have some exercises which were suggested by the continence nurse to practice the action of wiping, which they will incorporate into his physio programme and I have printed up a language strip to remind him of the process.
Fingers crossed we have some success!

Claw001 Sat 26-Jan-19 14:29:02

My son needs a mirror to see where he is wiping and flushable wet wipes. Would these help?

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