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EHCP for dyspraxia and dyslexia/literacy needs - give me examples

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KisstheTeapot14 Wed 09-Jan-19 14:12:48

If you have an EHCP for your child what sort of things does a really water tight one specify/quantify? We have issues as above maybe ADD and speech too and a bladder.

lanbury Thu 10-Jan-19 20:12:35

My son’s (profound dyslexia, cognitively able) names a specialist school with full time reader/scribe, weekly salt 1:1 plus quite a bit about assistive tech, which we are still having trouble getting implemented in line with what’s in the plan.

lanbury Thu 10-Jan-19 20:17:34

I just saw your other post. Even though DS technically has “profound dyslexia” the word “dyslexia” is not in his EHCP. Many LAs including ours won’t use the term. It needs to be broken into sections such as profound issues with working memory, phonetical awareness, word recall, audio processing etc etc etc. A label of dyslexia alone won’t cut any mustard with getting an EHCP.

KisstheTeapot14 Fri 11-Jan-19 09:24:36

Thanks Lanbury. He had an Ed Psych visit recently so just awaiting report - includes many of the specifics above, I checked.

I know dyslexia is not used in EHCP's just trying to get an idea of reasonable adjustments to plan with school once the scores are on the doors. Our DS has a scribe for some lessons as well as Clicker and we have a SALT assessment arranged via our GP next week.

Any good resources you've found outside school? websites/books etc you have found useful.

lanbury Fri 11-Jan-19 17:03:28

Yes, look up dyslexie font, which can help - the font has more definition, bigger spaces etc and some people with dyslexia find it helps. Speech to text/text to speech tech such as Dragon, a C-pen is a godsend, seek resources from places like Helen Arkell or Dyslexia Box. An assessment from an OT (based on personal experience) just as invaluable as the ed psych if not more. Obviously each case is different, especially with severity and areas of need, my DS now a teenager and certain things may be less or more applicable depending on age. DS has had EHCP for a while (originally a statement)

KisstheTeapot14 Sat 12-Jan-19 10:22:32

Great, yes was looking at dyslexia friendly fonts in a book I was reading last night. Am aware of some of these things from working in further education, so I do posters and presentations with simple scrips like verdana with no sqiggly added bits on a's and g's.

We have had OT assessments as he has main diagnosis of dyspraxia. Lots of useful tips from them and from orthoptic/behavioral optometry people we have been to see. Recently found he has sachadic problems (the little jumps the eye makes from one word to another). Had suspected this but had it confirmed. I find lots of little adaptations and being able to understand how he experiences the world differently to 'neuro typical' make a big difference.

Thanks for the tips, will add Dragon and c pen to my list of useful as well as the two websites mentioned x

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