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Is melatonin the only option for sleep problems?

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Loserinlove Tue 08-Jan-19 20:43:14

Awaiting an appointment to discuss dc lack of sleep. I’m not up to date with drugs, is melatonin the only thing in the uk still that paediatrician can prescribe for sleep problems? No others have been released? Doctor said melatonin won’t help to keep dc asleep and will discuss at next appointment.... we need something!!

zzzzz Tue 08-Jan-19 22:41:51

There is slow release melatonin which should keep him asleep longer.

Strix Tue 08-Jan-19 22:54:37

I tink Melatonin is the mild option. And I think if you don't crush the pills they have a fairly long lasting effect. Some people crush one and leave the other whole. (typically a two pill dose)

Loserinlove Wed 09-Jan-19 06:15:39

He has had the liquid.... does that make a difference then?

Trouble is he is either awKe for hours and then decides he won’t fall asleep so will stay up or he will wake early morning ish because he’s woken my his brother and declares he can’t go back to sleep and will be awake from 1am, like he was the night before last!

zzzzz Wed 09-Jan-19 07:35:50

Liquid works within about 30mins and the effects wear off. The pills start working in the same time scale but slow release all night. Neither will work if screens (tv/phone/tablet) are used in the hour before they are taken because the blue light inhibits the drug (as it does the natural drowsy hormones NTs produce). If your dss sleep problems have got to the point of being regularly medicated then you brother needs to make absolutely sure he isn’t disturbing his nephews night.shock Waking up anyone at 1am is dreadful.

Loserinlove Wed 09-Jan-19 09:31:59

No not my brother grin typo! HIS brother. He can’t help it, he sleep walks.

I am literally on the edge and don’t know what to do. My eldests sleep problems aren’t his fault (he’s autistic amongst other things) my youngest sleep walks and has anxiety that I’m struggling with (a whole other thread) and at the moment my eldest is sleeping on the floor of my youngest room on a mattress. I know this isn’t good BUT it’s better than it was as they were both in my room until few months back. Eldest doesn’t want to be alone, youngest won’t sleep in eldest room so only solution is both in youngest’s Room. Youngest sleep walks, has done forever but also wakes in the night and won’t stay asleep so he either sleep walks or is woken in the night and comes back into my room. There is no solution. This is the only way any of us get any sleep.... tried every thing and have had various referrals but nothing has helped the situation. I don’t want them in my room at all anymore so this is all we can do. Both have separate issues that come together to make it catastrophic! I have an appointment with paed with youngest next week and then appointment for eldest with Camhs doctor in a month or so, just want to see if there’s anything out there before they reuse to help!

Loserinlove Wed 09-Jan-19 09:32:41

Oh and youngest didn’t wake him at 1am, apparently eldest was up first and that woke youngest so they tell me now.

zzzzz Wed 09-Jan-19 14:03:33

grin his brother is VERY different than your brother grin

Does the central heating go off or anything? Mine had a rumbling pipe which made him wake. Autism and excellent hearing is problematic.

It sounds like the boys shouldn’t be in the same room at night, so any solution is going to be a work around.

It’s worth remembering that limiting blue light is important (I used to do a long bath rather than say “no screens”). Once it’s summer again it’s really hard to sort out because of the light but if you can get them into a good pattern now, you’ve got a chance.

Totally get how bad this can be. There’s a reason for my name!

Loserinlove Wed 09-Jan-19 19:20:50

My post seems to have vanished...

THe problems are separate and were there when they were in their own rooms. There are no pipes or heating coming on at all in the night and it’s very quiet in our area and we have on an air purifier that is like white noise.

No computers are on after 530pm ever. The tv is on after dinner hunt we have time with them off when I spent time reading to them....

My eldest will not go back to his own room. It literally isn’t an option at the moment.

zzzzz Wed 09-Jan-19 19:39:41

So long as the gap between tv/phone and melatonin is over 60 mins it should be working as well as it’s going to.

I think I’d separate them as soon as possible. You’ve got two sleep disordered children and they will impact each other.

My ne responds well to extra food and extra exercise, but I assume that’s been tried.

Loserinlove Wed 09-Jan-19 20:03:31

We don’t have melatonin yet, I want to ask for it at next Apt. Just want to see if there is anything else out there as doctor said over phone melatonin won’t help him to stay asleep (my eldest with autism). I also want to ask for something for my youngest even temporarily to try to break the cycle to see if that will help. They kept telling me years ago he’ll grow out of sleep walking at 7.... he’s now 10 and still doing it! Takes forever to fall asleep and if he’s not asleep with few minutes he’s moaning he can’t fall asleep!!

What do you mean about the 60 minute thing?

Loserinlove Wed 09-Jan-19 20:04:51

I can’t seperate them, my eldest literally point blank refuses to be on his own and won’t go to bed, will literally stay up all night. He’s done it before/ he has severe anxiety which he has medication for.

zzzzz Wed 09-Jan-19 20:25:48

A I explained up thread regarding liquid melatonin or slow release tablets,

Neither will work if screens (tv/phone/tablet) are used in the hour before they are taken because the blue light inhibits the drug (as it does the natural drowsy hormones NTs produce).

Many children can’t take melatonin because it can cause vivid dreams which disturb sleep.

minipie Mon 14-Jan-19 21:54:55

We have liquid melatonin for DD, we would use it at bedtime if she was struggling to sleep but as zzzzz says it just creates a sleepy “window” and you have to catch that window. I used to get into bed with her and cuddle her straight after the melatonin to make sure she wasn’t being all hyper and missing the window. However with a teenage son bedtime cuddles probably aren’t the answer, perhaps a meditation CD or white noise or something?

We also used it sometimes if she woke at stupid early o clock, it isn’t recommended apparently but it did work (not if she’d had it at bedtime though, it seemed to be a once per night maximum thing).

We also had the slow release pills, they did naff all to prevent night time waking or early waking as far as I could tell. Liquid much more effective but the effects do only last 30 min or so and they have to be trying to sleep in that time.

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