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Speech therapist

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Michelle38wales Sun 16-Dec-18 10:53:59

My 3 year old has been referred to speech therapist, his speech is perfect but the heath vistor thinks he’s lack of understanding and so do the school, so what will happen if they pick something up I’m not sure what can be picked up, he’s a hyper 3 year old and always on the go doesn’t sleep much I don’t know what they are looking for xx

Thekidsarefightingagain Tue 18-Dec-18 08:13:41

It's good that he's been referred. They'll be looking to see how his receptive language and speech compares with other children his age, whether he is showing disordered or delayed speech and language etc. They may refer him to a paediatrician. It feels so scary at the time when someone suggests a 'problem' but in hindsight it's a good thing.

There are loads of resources that support receptive language development so you can start working with him at home. Have a look at the Teach Me To Talk website by Laura Mize as a starter (sorry can't do links!).

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