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Changing schools

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Sorcs Fri 14-Dec-18 18:36:21

I put this on education board but not much traffic there -

Hi, My DS is 5.5 with ASD HF & we have just received our proposed EHCP.

He currently attends a very small independent school who have very little facilities or experience in place to deal with his needs although they have done a fantastic job for the last year with the help of a full time 1-1 ta.

Unfortunately we don’t feel it’s the right school for him going forward and I’m not yet sure if they will be able to achieve all the targets set out in his ehcp. So we have started to look at other state schools in our area & beyond.

So does anyone know of any mainstream schools in Berkshire, Surrey or even Hampshire that include kids with special needs in the class but also have units where they can take them out for extra help & respite or downtime etc..

I only know of one in Wokingham (Westende, little archons unit) but I’m really struggling to find anymore.


grasspigeons Sat 15-Dec-18 13:23:27

I don't know anything about Berkshire or Hampshire.

In surrey there isn't a lot of provision for high functioning autism in my opinion. Some mainstream schools do better than others. The special schools are geared towards children who also have learning difficulties. It depends what the main area of need for your child - there are 'speech,language and communication' need units at a few mainsteam schools which might be suitable?

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