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Positive school thread !!

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Didiplanthis Wed 12-Dec-18 10:01:06

I just wanted to put a positive thread on as we all struggle so much with school and I have had real issues with mine in the past few years but this year we have a new head 2 teachers that listen and want to work with me and although there is no magic wand to make my children's needs disappear a bit of comment sense and empathy has gone a hell of a long way. They are at a small rural school with zero money and no facilities but it's working. Little things like letting DS with ADHD use a wobble cushion and turn his chair round and kneel on it. Letting dyspraxic Dd use one of the 10 laptops in the whole school when there is a big piece of writing to do. Giving ASD DS a part in the play that he can do and supporting him to do it. None of this costs, None of this needs additional resources or staff but all of it makes a huge difference. Our school is Ofsted needs improvement and numbers are falling but for mine it is priceless.

Sirzy Wed 12-Dec-18 18:04:53


The school ds goes to is amazing too, I know the only reason he is still in mainstream is because they will go above and beyond to make sure he is

lanbury Thu 13-Dec-18 10:20:11

It makes such a difference if you find a SENCO who actually listens and understands and actually does what they say they will instead of the usual package of lies and pacification. Totally agree, it isn’t all about the money!!

LightTripper Thu 13-Dec-18 11:15:01

DD just started in reception. She is autistic - I would say not impacted in too many areas of life but some things she finds really hard and school is great with those.

She hates being centre of attention, being clapped or anything like that. So when she was picked to be class monitor (usually, stand in front of whole school and get clapped) instead she stood up with a friend where she was sitting and everyone gave her a thumbs up. In the nativity she didn't want to say a line about the star so they asked her to be the star instead (so she could just stand there and sing with the group - didn't have to do anything on her own). And then she got her special certificate for doing 10 amazing things, which usually they have to go to the office to get, and her teacher arranged for it to "secretly" go in her drawer to make it special for her without her having to do something scary. They encourage her to join in things like PE, music and dance but don't force it. She manages some but not others (and more and more over time, because they're not making a big fuss over it).

Basically they make all the "out of the ordinary" stuff as stress free as possible so she has enough spoons to do all the "normal" stuff (reading, writing, numeracy and project work). It's simple but thoughtful and I really think it's magic. Very glad she's not in a school that's constantly trying to push her to join in and "be normal". Normal is massively overrated.

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