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So far behind in speech - feeling lost

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EssexMummy123456 Tue 11-Dec-18 21:28:14

My DS has just had the ados / multi disciplinary assessments and came out with speech and language and social interaction delays, but not autism / disorders.

But.. when i picked him up at nursery today - all the other 3 year olds can talk, he can put 2 or 3 'taught' words together e.g. I want x and the rest is jargon. I usually do a good job at hiding away from seeing just how behind he is.

And everything is up in the air for going to school, I just feel a bit lost.

HexagonalBattenburg Wed 12-Dec-18 06:51:23

Dd2 could just about do very unclear 2 word phrases at this point in nursery year. By reception start she was probably at 50% intelligible speech if you were tuned into what she was saying and by end of reception I would put that at about 90%. Now in year 1 and fully intelligible and a little chatterbox - it's still young-sounding speech and the grammar is immature (think Bing Bunny) but the curve of how is developed is massive.

Just to give a bit of hope because I remember how heartbreaking it was/is.

livpotter Wed 12-Dec-18 07:15:51

My ds has a regression at 2.5 and basically lost all of his language, at 3 he had 10-15 words. He would also do this thing where every time he learnt a new word he would stop saying words he used previously. It was like his brain could only cope with a certain amount of language at that point.

His speech started improving at 4. He is now 5 and his vocabulary is much larger but he still mainly speaks in 1-2 word sentences. Now he has started signing with makaton he can also make a five word sentence (I want milk/biscuit etc please mummy) and he is learning more everyday. I would say he had gone from not communicating verbally at all to mainly communicating verbally albeit not to the same level as his peers.

fasparent Sun 16-Dec-18 01:49:26

same issues our child has an aquired brain injury local SEND community disability team put us on a "Total Communications" course lasted around 9 month's was helpful. He is improving all the time, signs quite well, his recovery and outcome is still unknown.

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