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Autism Referral Process Senior School Age Question

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Flump9 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:06:55

Hi i've just gone through the referral process for my DS age 7 and got a working diagnosis of ASC and have the first appointment for my daughter age 15 in a couple of a weeks. During my sons referral I can see that obviously they are looking for the child to be showing traits at school aswell as what i'm saying about home which was fine for my son because his Primary School are quite on the ball and he is showing a lot of traits at school but my daughter hides most of it at high school so i'm not sure what the school report they fill in will show. She did show traits at Primary school, will they try to get information from her old Primary School as it's years since she left and i'm not sure how many staff are the same plus I didn't leave with the best relationship with them and they weren't on the ball with things they were supposed to be getting help for her and they didn't so I don't think they would respond to information requests anyway. I'm not really sure what i'm asking here just wondering if anyone has been able to get a diagnosis when their child hides it at school I guess? They are both high functioning, DD is a model student top sets for everything never ever in trouble so the teachers all think she's great (apart from the PE teachers who would think she was lazy and never puts effort in cos she hates it) but I doubt the teachers see that she goes and reads alone in the library every single lunchtime.

BlackeyedGruesome Thu 06-Dec-18 13:10:49

I shall tell you in a few weeks!

Family member wrote and independent person, the vicar, wrote what they saw as school could not see much at all, apart from problems with the parents. <Eye roll>

NoHaudinMaWheest Thu 06-Dec-18 13:47:18

My dd got her dx aged 15. She sounds very similar to yours at school.
She has another condition which is what prompted the assessment. To be fair, I initially thought it was not ASD and only changed my mind as we went through the assessment process.
School couldn't see much but did highlight her social isolation.

Is she on their radar at all?

During dd's assessment they were mostly interested in how she performed in the interviews and what I said though.
With an older child, I think it is easier to tell from how they are in a face to face interview.
You can highlight issues at primary school yourself. Our assessment didn't ask for any 'proof' of these.

anniehm Tue 11-Dec-18 21:06:02

Dd had a report from senco that formed part of the referral, you needed demonstrate traits in 2 or more settings. Sorry that doesn't really help but the senco report was part of the diagnosis process. They require some corroboration beyond that of the parents I suppose

Flump9 Wed 12-Dec-18 00:21:23

I didn't think she was on their radar until earlier this year when it turned out they had been told by the Primary School when she started that it was suspected she might be on the spectrum. I'm trying to get hold of the Senco just to ask what she's like at school and what she put in the report so i'm prepared. I do have some old IEP's and reports from Primary I can find out to show she did have problems there.

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