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AIBU to expect a SW to be professional?

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EggysMom Wed 05-Dec-18 17:32:50

Due our three-monthly visit by our son's disability SW, they have to come and verify that we are still a family, still have a home, he still has a bedroom, and that we haven't tied him to a beam on the ceiling ...

She was due at 3:30pm, I finished work early at 3pm for this. It's now 5:30pm and she's still not here, still supposedly "on her way". AIBU to be annoyed?

In her first email of the afternoon to tell me she'd be delayed (arriving at 4pm, ha!) she also told me that she hadn't presented our revised support needs to November's panel meeting so we still don't know if we are getting the same level of respite, more respite etc. She's known that for three weeks but hadn't bothered to tell us.

This is our second SW, I lost complete faith in the first one as she was even more ineffective and asked for a change.

Is this normal? Can I insist on having a senior SW or manager, somebody who understands that parents are also professionals and not just killing time at home ready to beg for any kind of help?

Claw001 Thu 06-Dec-18 08:09:13

My experience of SW’s range from totally unprofessional and incompetence to lovely but totally ineffective!

To us, yes it’s been normal! Not much help to you, but I can sympathise flowers

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