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school asking us to provide own support and transport for trip

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thefudgeling Mon 03-Dec-18 16:43:39

please help me work out what I am going to say to the head about this tomorrow morning. I am really angry - the school are not only saying that we need to send a family member for support (which is not great but we have done this in the past), but ALSO that there is not enough room on the coach and we will have to drive our son (ASC, year 3) to the next city for a day trip just so that he can go on the trip with his class! Surely this is illegal? The coach issue is not a safety but an cost issue - they are saying there is not enough space. Surely they should provide transport for the correct number of people. Or if not why don't they ask the non-disabled children to make their own way there! So fed up and upset! It is horrible feeling so isolated and marginalised at the school as it is, this is like a slap in the face.
Thank you.

SpringerLink Mon 03-Dec-18 17:18:46

Yes, that is disability discrimination. The school are not obligated to do trips though, so if they can’t afford to take everybody then they might have to cancel the trip. That’s not your fault, and it’s much better to have no trip than a trip just for the non-disabled pupils!!

thefudgeling Mon 03-Dec-18 17:23:05

thank you. I thought it must be against the law. I am shocked they have even suggested it! I hate confrontation but am planning to go and sit in the school until the head will see me tomorrow.

colditz Mon 03-Dec-18 17:32:54

Yeah they want you to leave

And they are making it abundantly clear that if you don't leave, they will refuse to support your son, even when legally required to do so.

thefudgeling Mon 03-Dec-18 17:35:26

thanks Colditz. I know. We are trying to leave, but need to get EHCP. Can't home school (his needs are too complex). Worst thing is the head had an autistic son!

WoWsers16 Mon 03-Dec-18 17:35:43

Is the bus accessible for your child? It may be that a coach that can be for your child is an extremely higher cost?
I hope you get it sorted tho- does your child have a 1-1? Is the place they are going to equipped for your child? X

thefudgeling Mon 03-Dec-18 17:41:16

Hi Wowsers. He is able bodied and has gone on trips on the same coach as everyone else for the last 4 years! They just don;t want to pay for spaces for him and a support! He does not have a 1:1, so yes, we will try and find a family member to go with him if we have to but there is no reason why he shouldn't have transport provided like everyone else!

WoWsers16 Mon 03-Dec-18 18:16:17

That’s so strange- I really don’t understand why they would do that-if we have ever booked a coach and short of spaces - we make sure either that a teacher goes in a car with other adults (still making sure ratio ok on bus) or parent helper does drive with children in (not disabled). So we do ask this to be fair- but we ask and explain the situation: i also think we pay for their travel expenses. It can be annoying if you have say 55 people to go and the coach only seats 53. As the prices of coaches are immense and the next number up I think is 70+.
But I do think they should ask you and if you’re not happy it’s their job to sort another thing out smile
We have a disabled child who could not go in the coach- so his 1-1 rode in her car and I was in the back with the child. The mum was really appreciative x

OMGWTAF Tue 04-Dec-18 13:58:07

I am shocked and appalled! I can’t believe a school would do this. My son has dual diagnosis of ASD and CP and is therefore in a wheelchair, he has always travelled with the rest of his class/group. I am a teacher in EYFS and we always do our utmost to make sure all of the kids get the same opportunities. How did you get on thefudgeling?

Spikeyball Tue 04-Dec-18 16:15:07

I would send an email to clarify in writing what they are asking you to do. Leave a paper trail.

fasparent Tue 04-Dec-18 19:30:38

Is Institutional disability discrimination , would ask advice from appropriate discrimination board .

Miscible Sat 08-Dec-18 02:15:54

Did you manage to make the school see sense, OP?

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