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Young person's advocacy service

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PooFlower Thu 29-Nov-18 21:55:22

My daughter is in a new school after a year out with anxiety based school refusal.
She still struggles to attend some days. She is under camhs and also being assessed for ADHD.
School are supportive but are having a lot of problems with her behaviour.
They have offered to refer to the young persons advocacy service.
Does anyone know exactly what this entails.
I looked at the website and it seemed a lot to do with looked after children and children under social services. We have never had social service involvement and I would rather not have this.
There is some mention of SEND advice on the website too.

KosmoKramer Thu 29-Nov-18 22:13:02

Hi Poo. It could be a useful referral. The advocate will ensure that your DDs voice is heard. They are normally independent and therefore unbiased. As well as ensuring DD understands, they will explain things to her in a way she will understand and make sure that she is involved in all decisions made regarding her.

Advocates can be used in so many ways and are not linked in particular to children's services.

KosmoKramer Thu 29-Nov-18 22:14:16

Whilst you yourself could advocate on behalf of your child, taking a step back and allowing the advocacy service in might encourage her to talk more.

KosmoKramer Thu 29-Nov-18 22:15:03

The advocate could attend SEN meetings and either represent your daughter's views, or support her to present them herself.

KosmoKramer Thu 29-Nov-18 22:16:30

They do not get involved in any decision making. They are simply there to help DD be able to communicate her thoughts, and feed back in an age appropriate manner what's happening

PooFlower Thu 29-Nov-18 23:22:42

Thanks Kosmo, that is helpul.
She finds it difficult to engage and probably won't speak to them but it's worth a try.

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