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So what happens now? Autism/ adhd/ both

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6timesthemess Wed 28-Nov-18 16:36:19

My 8 year old recently had an appointment with a peadiatrician (she was referred when she was 6 and we finally got to the appointment after 2 years)

To be honest I am very very confused with where we are at with things .

The peadiatrician asked loads of questions about her early life, birth, family history etc and about how she deals with certain things and her interests.

She also did some sort of physical check - looking at her arms and legs, how she walked etc .

My dad was amazingly well behaved during this she listened and answered the best she could and co operated with her requests.

At the end the peadiatrician said that everyone has neurodevelopemntal differences (I can’t rememvet the exact wording of that but that summed it up) but that my dad was showing some nuerodevelopemt problems consistent with adhd and with autism . She then said she needed to send of letters and we would hear from them.

She also said that based on my questions about two of our older children it sounded like they could do with being reffered as well and to go to my gp with my 14 year old about possible autism and my 12 year old about dyspraxia. Obviously this is a separate thing and so it was just a “by the way” sort of thing at the end. The 12 year old before he was homeschooled did have some assessments etc and help from a SEN teacher coming in from outside - before this funding was withdrawn .

Tbh I’m feelimg a bit lost as to where I am now.

I have no idea if she thinks my dd has autism or adhd or both, I don’t know if her saying she has markers of it means it’s likely or just a vague possibility!

also I have gone from knowing that 3 of my 6 children do struggle with things to possible being in her words “a family with multiple special needs”.

My children are homeschooled because of the issues they have had and so there is no school to talk to or anything like that Just us.

She also said it seemed like I had downplayed issues with my children and that we should be asking for more help. I am not sure where I am supposed to ask for this.... it doesn’t seem like there is much!

I know this probably sounds really silly from an outside perspective , but I am feeling really lost and don’t really know what I’m supposed to do with this now!

6timesthemess Wed 28-Nov-18 16:37:33

Obviously my phone has autocorrected dd to dad in many places - it wasn’t my dad I took it was def my 8 year old dd grin

LightTripper Wed 28-Nov-18 17:51:13

That sounds confusing/frustrating.

We have one DD with a Dx and we haven't seen that much help. I think it is mainly through school as needed, but hopefully there should be some things if you look. If you Google your local authority and "Local Offer" they should list all the services/resources they offer to help with SEN. You could also look at the National Autistic Society website to see if they have a support group local to you. There are also usually some local SEN support groups on Facebook.

Hopefully you'll also get a letter from the paediatrician summarising what she told you? Could you call her secretary and see if she could give you a quick 10 minute call back with some advice on what the next steps are?

In my (limited) experience they tend not to mention specific conditions unless they are pretty confident it is likely to result in a diagnosis... but it must vary from paed to paed and area to area.

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