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EHCP - advice please?

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ARoomSomewhere Wed 21-Nov-18 08:35:10

I moved area 2 years ago, having been ref to SS in my old area for obtaining a private ASD dx (we had a pretty tough time).

My new area middle school ref ds to CYPs immediately and he got his ASD dx this summer, aged 13. He has just started High School at a very rough Academy (the other choices were HUGE academic school with rep for not dealing with bullying or back to old area neither of which HE wanted).
Rough academy has not been perfect (one bad bullying incident already and they didnt notice he was not in school for 3 hours one day last week till he phoned me sobbing that he couldn't find a bus) so i was wobbling, esp as it is hard to stay here financially. I got a job, but cant hold it down (lots of appointments and am not physically well myself) and UC has just come in here so i am stuffed financially.

BUT Rough Academy have just called me to to say they'd like to start the process of applying for an EHCP - they intend to do it at Easter. The Senco, the year head and the pastoral support head all seem really keen. I dont know much about EHCP's? are they like gold dust?do they get turned down a lot? do i hang on in there if school is making these noises?

April2020mom Wed 21-Nov-18 09:13:41


This link has more information on the process of applying.

Sirzy Wed 21-Nov-18 09:17:23

Why wait til easter?

The whole process, if local authority agree to assess, takes 20 weeks (in theory!) so I would want them starting the process now if they think it’s needed otherwise it will be this time next year before anything agreed is in place!

ARoomSomewhere Wed 21-Nov-18 22:34:02

thanks for the link - v helpful.
Is that Yes to all 3 of my Qu's pls? smile

School said they have to show that measures put in place for 2 terms have not been sufficient?

Claw001 Mon 26-Nov-18 08:03:06

The legal criteria for EHCP is whether the child or young person has or MAY have special educational needs (“SEN”); and
whether they MAY need special educational provision to be made through an EHC plan.

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, they must carry out an EHC needs assessment.

They do not have to wait 2 terms.

ARoomSomewhere Mon 26-Nov-18 20:14:20

thanks Claw001 i will get back to them and ask re that.x

Claw001 Mon 26-Nov-18 20:35:58

Might be helpful. Good luck.

Barbeito Mon 26-Nov-18 20:45:03

They have to go through two cycles of Assess, Plan, Do, Review first don’t they? Which normally takes two terms.

Barbeito Mon 26-Nov-18 20:50:59

I’ve just looked at Bracknell and Brighton guidance (selected at random). Both areas say that two terms of evidence are needed to show that the student needs additional help to that which the school can provide.

Sirzy Mon 26-Nov-18 20:57:18

*The EHC needs assessment should not normally be the first step in the process, rather it should follow on from
planning already undertaken with parents and young people in conjunction with an early years provider, school, post-16 institution or other provider. In a very small minority of cases children or young people may demonstrate such significant difficulties that a school or other provider may consider it impossible or inappropriate to carry out its full chosen assessment procedure. For example, where its concerns may have led to a further diagnostic assessment or examination which shows the child or young person to have severe sensory impairment or other impairment which, without immediate specialist intervention beyond the capacity of the school or other provider, would lead to increased learning difficulties.*

Page 141 onwards of the sen code of practise show what legally is stated. A lot
Of areas decide to try to push there luck. There is no two terms or anything specified.

Barbeito Mon 26-Nov-18 22:15:34

It sounds in this case that this is the first step in the process... it doesn’t seem as though the application is following on from planning already undertaken with OP and her son.

Claw001 Mon 26-Nov-18 22:17:01

There is legal criteria, then there is LA ‘policies’ which are feed to schools! The latter being unlawful!

My son went from recieving very little support/zero provision in school to having a then called Statement, The whole point being the only way to establish what needs were and what provision was needed, was to assess!

Miscible Tue 27-Nov-18 15:43:43

Don't leave it to the school to start the EHCP process off, start it yourself. There's information about how to do it here -

ARoomSomewhere Tue 27-Nov-18 19:41:37

Ds was only diagnosed with ASD this summer aged 14 (tho its been obvious for years but thats another story)

He got his Dx at the beginning of the summer hols. Old school had no especial provision but there were only 40 kids in school and only 3 in his year. He's just gone to a High School of 500 and the wheels have come off somewhat

Karensbadger Sat 01-Dec-18 14:49:51

What Sirzy and others said. Apply yourself, ignore local policy (sorry Barbieto).

aquashiv Sun 02-Dec-18 15:54:00

It's good they feel that iTS necessary and want to support you. That's a huge hurdle for many. Start now

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