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Positive things we want to share

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SpringerLink Sat 17-Nov-18 08:06:19

Just like the title says, this is a thread for sharing our DCs unique achievements, which might not get the appreciation they need in the real world.

I am very guilty of forgetting how many amazing, good or funny things happen in the overwhelming amount of stress and struggle. So here’s a thread for them.

Sirzy Sat 17-Nov-18 10:28:35

Great thread!

Today is a day when finding positives is tough although I am currently amazed at his ability to link anything to the road network. Something mentioned about 1899 in a book “they didn’t have duel carriageways then you know” grin

livpotter Sat 17-Nov-18 10:50:24

That's so great sirzy.

I've been doing Makaton at home for months with ds. He showed absolutely no interest in it until last week when he suddenly started signing sentences! It was obviously all sinking in without me realising.

zzzzz Sat 17-Nov-18 10:50:36

Ds walked across a car park and got in the car all by himself this week. Now admittedly the car park was empty but he stayed on the edge and looked so damn brilliant. grin

zzzzz Sat 17-Nov-18 10:51:58

livpotter ds learns like that. Everyone thinks he has huge leaps, but truthfully he’s just a sneaky little wonder.

Sirzy Sat 17-Nov-18 10:56:00

Ds is an all or nothing child too!

Wow zzz that’s great - I bet even with it being so quiet you where on edge the whole time while he did it!

livpotter Sat 17-Nov-18 10:57:49

That's brilliant zzzz!

MrsFrisbyMouse Sat 17-Nov-18 11:56:22

Little Mouse is being a star with his daily 'commute' to his new school.

He manages every day to tell me something about his day - even if it is something he didn't do!! (not music today Mummy)

He's taken to giving me the most beautiful hugs at completely random moments.

And the other day he was playing with two dolls, who he told me were brother and sister, and he even gave them names, did a Dr's check in them, and then put them to bed - all unprompted and unscripted!

zzzzz Sat 17-Nov-18 12:20:28


shouting Sat 17-Nov-18 12:48:46

smile Good thread

I already started a thread about this, but my DS has basically taught himself to read age 4. Only very basic books but still halo
I still can't get over it.

LightAllGone Sat 17-Nov-18 22:14:04

When DS’s teacher told me recently that when he gets angry he quietly goes to the bathroom to calm down and comes out again much calmer and is not disrupting the class.

Last year he was exploding in the class everyday and the principal was saying he’d have to go part time or maybe leave the school. With a bit of support he is learning to manage his emotions better.

I was so amazed to hear it - I kept asking the teacher to clarify - in case, for some reason, she was just pretending he was doing well to make me feel better.

SpringerLink Sat 17-Nov-18 22:17:17

My DS had a really successful day sorting through 50p coins from the bank to find unusual ones, ordering them in date order and telling me exactly how rare each one was.

He also went to a sports activity with me (one he’s obsessed with atm) and wowed everyone with his knowledge of the safety rules associated with the sport.

Great day! (As long as I overlook the bit where I was perched on a roof trying to coax him out of a locked toilet hmm)

SpringerLink Sat 17-Nov-18 22:18:48

@zzzzz walking across car parks is something I hate. Not a road, but still dangerous. Well done to your DS.

MumUnderTheMoon Sun 18-Nov-18 23:39:49

Great thread. I love that my 11yo loves to express her creativity through fashion. She loves putting her outfits together and is currently very much enamoured with the 90s. Most other girls I know are too worried about what people think to wear what they want I love that it doesn't even occur to her to care.

PunkyBubba Mon 19-Nov-18 19:06:58

DS1 (7 yrs old, ASD) had his very first swimming lesson today..

We didn't try before as 1) he wasn't interested 2) he would strip naked as soon as his swim shorts got wet.. not great at a public pool 3) we knew he wouldn't listen to instructions from a teacher.. even in a 1-1 lesson..

I was in a low level panic all day about it, but he was brilliant.. and more importantly he loved it!! I could see him grinning through the whole lesson.. He told me it was "the best day ever" and he "could swim forever". The teacher was great with him too, and said she thought it went really well which was a relief. Looking forward to next week, and fingers crossed he enjoys it then too!!

Thekidsarefightingagain Mon 19-Nov-18 20:13:47

Ds let another boy borrow his Octonauts toy. He also initiated a game with other children. This is a huge deal!

SpringerLink Fri 30-Nov-18 13:54:03

We had a really good morning today. DS got up when his alarm went, didn’t try to fake illness to have to stay home from school, got himself dressed, didn’t have a fight about brushing his teeth, and as a consequence had 20 minutes to play games on my phone before we left for school. And he walked himself to school after we crossed the last road.

Just amazing! I imagine this is what parents of NT children experience every day 😆

Thekidsarefightingagain Fri 30-Nov-18 16:19:58

It IS amazing!! Ds helped his sister when she had a stone in her shoe. Proud mum moment.

SpringerLink Fri 30-Nov-18 18:48:51

And then, when I was explaining that I hadn’t had a very good day this evening (work related), he spontaneously hugged me. It’s only the second or third time he’s every responded to my emotional state. I was so touched by his concern.

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Fri 30-Nov-18 18:54:19

Lovely thread!
My daughter ( aged 6, add, non verbal) has made a friend. Her first ever friend! My heart want to explode when I see them smiling at each other and holding hands!

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Fri 30-Nov-18 18:55:09

Asd not add stupid phone!

MrsFrisbyMouse Thu 06-Dec-18 19:49:06

Reading the bedtime story tonight. I thought Little Mouse wasn't really listening until he totally cracked up at Elephants sit on smelly pants... He's only recently really started to 'get' books and their jokes so this was delightful. We both had a proper laugh and now he's sleeping and I'm smiling at the memory.

livpotter Thu 06-Dec-18 20:06:22

Such a fun book to read and so great he got the joke!

We had a moment yesterday where my ds and dd were fighting over a toy. Ds went to pick up the toy and throw it, then it was like I could see the cogs working, he took it over to my dd and said 'here you go, the wheels on the bus go round and round' (it was a bus toy).

I was doubly amazed by him thinking about his sister and how long the sentence was!

SpringerLink Fri 07-Dec-18 10:44:35

So not my DS this time, but this morning my DD1 who is 7 made me tea and toast for breakfast while I was in the shower. I’d told her I was exhausted because I was having a difficult week. After I told her how happy her actions had made me, DD2 (who is 5) told me that she loves to see me being happy!

And, we all got to school on time with no incident. Great morning in the Springer household.

SpringerLink Fri 07-Dec-18 10:45:35

@livpotter - that sounds like your DS might have made a bit of a developmental leap there grin

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